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Dec 10, 2014

Rek'Sai Champion Spotlight


Check out the new champion spotlight for Rek'Sai! She's one slick beast and as always, Phreak's calming voice narrates this showcase.

As announced in the Patch 4.21 notes, Rek'Sai will be released later this patch.

Excited to play her? Comment below!

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  1. Nicolas CageDecember 10, 2014

    Any preemptive thoughts on Rek'Sai, SSJ?

    She's pretty low in utility and probably won't scale too well, but with the right composition she looks to have a very strong mid-game. I think she'll end up being Tier 2 around launch and probably end up in Tier 1 after a few patches, based on what I've seen of PBE footage.

  2. RisingFlamesDecember 10, 2014

    If you watch Pants are Dragon play Rek'Sai, he builds her full damage and her flash-unburrows are very deadly, and that top sustain though...

  3. SSJSuntasticDecember 10, 2014

    I think she'll be very good, but also more of a high skillcap champion since players will need to utilize the tunnels to their maximum to be effective.

  4. calico jonesDecember 11, 2014

    Her potential ganks seem Nocture-esque with that huge range

  5. I saw Pants are Dragon play Rek'Sai and is really make a lot of damage but for the ulti you need really to be skilled and know where to put the tunnels.

  6. her mobility can potentially be godlike if you place your tunnels well,also a good splitpusher/duelant but not seems a very good teamfighter

  7. I call her bruiser zac with the tunnel unburrow combo to set up ganks.

  8. Thing is, he's Pants are Dragon. He's challenger. For most people, I think that tanky/utility is the best option for Rekt'Sigh- without tankyness, (similar to vayne, tho vaynce can't build tank) she has to reposition quickly, which takes high skiil, to do anything.

  9. Apathetic Psy CoDecember 12, 2014

    I disagree slightly; tunnel placement and ulti timing are knowledge based. Positioning and reaction time/skill usage are the skill based aspects. I am a very high knowledge player, but my brain is slow when the pressure is on so I suck at the game. I find myself watching pros and wanting to give them advice but their technical skill is WAY out of my league.

  10. Rayan HawkinsDecember 13, 2014

    Another champ after Kalista without damage-ulti... i don't like it. Anyway she doesn't seem be op, balanced champ with better early/mid game and medium difficulty

  11. SquirrelNutkinsDecember 13, 2014

    Why use a blood moon thresh picture for an article about Reksai? Lol driving me crazy.


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