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Dec 9, 2014

Bot Lane Taking Level 1 Jungle Again...With SMITE?!


Never trust a yordle.


With the introduction of Preseason 5's jungle, many junglers felt uncomfortable starting without a leash. However, now that everyone's getting the hang of things, bot lane is starting to take Gromp (purple side) or Golems (blue side) at level 1 more and more now rather than provide a leash.

As long as the jungler is okay with it and is either a high sustain jungler or starting at red buff, it seems like a decent strategy.

  • Instant level 2 for ADC, don't need to fight for level advantage in lane early on; and
  • Reduces in-lane danger of being cheesed by level up or bush camping.
  • Can get ganked at the camp once enemy team doesn't see you in lane;
  • Reduced health if done improperly; and
  • No leash for jungler if they start on the same side as you.

ADC With Smite

Meanwhile, sometimes you even have some AD Carries carrying smite themselves:

In the game above, my teammate rushed the skirmisher's blade enchant, which gives them the following ability:

Challenging Smite: Smite can target enemy champions, marking them for 6 seconds. Marked enemies are revealed (does not reveal stealth) take (15 +3*level) bonus true damage fro you on-hit and deal 20% reduced damage to you.

  • Purple side lets you start with smiting Gromp, which deals damage to enemies who attack you (good vs harass lanes);
  • Decent smite bonus that scales well into late game (20% damage reduction is no joke)
  • No impact on saving your support (in comparison to heal);
  • Weak before you finish your jungle item; 
  • Slow to pick up jungle item unless you don't start Doran's Blade; and
  • Takes away jungler's farm.

Concluding Thoughts

I think that if you're starting on purple side then taking smite is on your AD carry is a decent strategy, as the jungle item does scale decently into late game and purple side gives you Gromp to start. However, make sure it's okay with your jungler first as most probably won't take kindly to an AD carry stealing their farm.

What do you guys think? Comment below!

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  1. As a support main, I don't like the idea of taking away level 2 eganges. It was often a consistent way to get a good start in lane and snowball your ADC. Also I haven't met too many jungler's okay with it. I suppose this is a good idea if you are versus a leona lane or something. I like bot lane the way it is... :(

  2. I tried this with a caitlyn, and ended up at 3/4 health before I even got to lane (as thresh prince). The level two helped tho, and so I think if pulled off correctly it could be very helpful.

  3. It may be viable if you have a full armored supp (for ex, Leona with full armor runes -> start Gromp/Golems) or sustain (Sona, Nami -> start Golems). For the other duo it's doesn't seem to be a good strategy as you will take too much dmgs. And yes, if your jungler is not "sustain-based" he has to start to the other side of the jungle for this strategy to be effective.

  4. So nice see noobs sec that try to make a jungle cam without any knowledge of the ranged position to make jungle camps. I made it with every sec and some ranged mid used as adc, ending always full life cause of just 1or2 hits to not make the camp reset hinself.

  5. None, cause is his needed that your jungle make the buff. Groomp or golem won't be done on first run, if you are a sustain jungler.. If you are a camp-buff-camp jungler is different..

  6. Is viable if people start to learn positioning, instead of try to tank a camp, that's hard even for a sustain jinglier lvl1..

  7. how to learn jungle positioning plz?

  8. don't forget! morgana as a support actually can work with smite because of her passive!, so you could do it with her and get positive results

  9. we dont care...

  10. Maybe searching "how to jungle with twitch" on google.. Jungle camp has a reset area, in which ranged champ can still attack and not be attacked back, but just for few sec..

  11. We don't care if DontCare will don't care something I care..

  12. CommonSenseGuyDecember 13, 2014

    Smite OP.

  13. You didnt got the other point that i think is Much better... the lvl 2 !! But for that you Need to kill it otherwise i think a supp could take Smite while he can smite The buffs once or Even the pink buff is good ! Its an oracle for him ans gives hood dragon controll


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