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Nov 28, 2014

Riot Promotes Support Brand



Interestingly enough, after playing a ton of support Brand lately on my smurf I thinking about writing an article with thoughts on Brand as a pick...but it looks like Riot beat me to the punch!

Personally I see the following in support Brand:

  • Huge base damage;
  • With Rylai/liandry as his core, he can dish out a ton of damage and CC while being fairly tanky;
  • Easy to land his damage on AD carries who are busy trying to get CS compared to mid lane; and
  • Duo lane means two targets for his ultimate to bounce off of.
  • Low AOE peel before Rylais (still low after); 
  • Range on abilities is low compared to other damage supports like Vel'koz;
  • Pick potential is low outside of throwing his only stun with Rylai; and
  • Somewhat expensive build.
Alternatives: Vel'koz, Zyra, Annie, Fiddlesticks

Here are Riot Nakyle's thoughts:

Dark Horses: Support Brand

Welcome to Dark Horses, where we dive deep, looking for your sleeper picks and why they might be ready to wake up. This go round, we’re lighting a fire under Support Brand.


Ignite duo lanes with Brand’s signature mix of damage, crowd control and damage. Sustain? That’s for wimps. Feed your marksman a ham sandwich and these five facts when they whine about Brand heading to a duo lane.

Dat Base Damage

Supports need either high base damages or built-in utility to reliably succeed. Support Brand’s got the former in spades. Playing his level 6 combo to perfection nearly doubles the base damage potential of other “bursty” supports like Annie or Karma. Kill secured.

Easy Spellthief’s, easy life

You know what’s hot? Brand. You know what takes heat? Coin-making. Support Brand stacks serious change. Blaze, his passive, applies a mark that deals damage-over-time each time you land a spell. Each tick of his passive procs Spellthief’s Edge. That means if the Edge is fully charged, you earn 15 gold for landing just one spell.


Brand’s coveted stun requires you to land two spells in a row, but we know you can do it: You’re the chosen one. Just land Sear, Brand’s long-range skillshot after knocking your opponent around with any other spell, and you’ve landed a stun that lasts longer than a Sona ult.

Pyroclasm makes more sense in a duo lane

In a duo lane, Pyroclasm hits two champions, not one. 2 > 1

Waveclear as Support

You ever try to clear a wave with Nami? Brand’s combination of high base damage and AoE spells mean he clears waves and nudges lanes in the right direction when his teammates are too busy doing whatever carries do.

Brand management

Naturally, some of Brand’s weaknesses follow him to botlane. He’s still immobile, making him eminently dousable for aggressive, tanky supports like Leona. Similarly, shielding supports like Lulu act as effective flame retardants, blunting the impact of Brand’s potent damage.

Brand is predictable

Brand’s spells need to combo to stun you forever. Meaning that when he casts one spell, it’s easy to sort out what’s coming next. Did you just dodge a Sear? His stun is down. Did you just dodge Pillar of Flame? A huge portion of his damage potential is gone. Now, punish him.

Limited mobility

Brand doesn’t go anywhere fast, leaving him vulnerable to crowd control. Incidentally, Pillar of Flame can push lanes when Brand’s trying to poke. If he’s pushing the lane, he’s making himself an even juicier target for your jungler.

Brand’s spells come all at once

Like we mentioned earlier, Brand’s all about the combo. This translates to long stretches of vulnerability during Brand’s spell-slinging hangover. If you’re still standing, now’s the time to counter-attack.

Whether you take him to a solo or duo lane, you can do it on the cheap through December 1. Brand is 440 RP (50% off 880 RP), and Cryocore Brand is 487 RP (50% off 975 RP). In short, yes, we do have your Brand.

Original Source

What are your thoughts on support brand? Viable? Comment below!

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  1. WOW! What an idea. I will make SURE to try this. right now actually. with my epic rare Zombie Brand skin :3

  2. Zyra support is very similar, but I feel she is a lot stronger as she has aoe cc. Even better, her plants do a great job tanking drag.

  3. Coulda gone worse. LMAO! :-). (and i dont care if this build is bad)

  4. "Brand doesn’t go anywhere fast" and it's even WORSE with his undead skin. You literally get DAT walking dead speed. And as a zombie he is even more "juicy".

  5. big daddy? You from the CS GO Scene and betting scene? Sorry, I quit playing CS GO and not betting anymore either. I started playing League of Legends again, in August. GG

  6. thunderman1165November 29, 2014

    I only would have changed the sorc shoes to mobi boots and the trinket to a sweeper. Looks good tho. :)

  7. Yeap that would be good if you wana be really fast (when not in combat)

  8. True, but Zyra doesn't blow people up like Brand can. Who needs CC when your enemies are dead? But both Brand and Zyra are pretty immobile... dodge a Sear/Grasping Roots, and they don't have much left. In the end, it comes down to damage vs utility. But the tanking drag part is a valid point.

  9. Alec JawsleyDecember 10, 2014

    what about ahri support? she has high base damages and charm has won me lanes.

  10. Eduardo Fortino Velderrain ValDecember 15, 2014

    Skill Order?

  11. Ivan Rivera SolisDecember 19, 2014

    Zyra plants can bait tresh or blitz "Q"s, take skillshots like sear,
    also in a gank scenario, zyra can root all three people when brand can
    do only one, the best of brand in my opinion are his insane damage (ult
    with 2 people its just doom) and the passive with Spellthief, but zyra can also farm pretty well the spellthief
    with their plants, not so much skill reliant and not much wave push,
    the plant does a lot of damage no matter the level of the spell. I try
    xerath supp first, cool but tend to get killed if focused, spellthief
    don´t farm so well, then i changed to zyra, its pretty crazy, lot of cc,
    u can fight battles in great disadvantage ant they just dont reach u in
    time, by the time game ends I get more damage done to champs than my
    mage, also with zyra u can messure ur damage, i don´t ks anymore XD, I
    play brand support on PBE and indeed is pure doom but my carry just keep
    calling me troll and ks, I did not on purpose but its harder to messure
    the damage u deal, also its a lot mana starving, but u will have fun
    like u where in hell XD

  12. Yeah. They're both fun (: But I'm always about damage over anything, which is why I play supports like Lulu, Leblanc, and Sona. Annoying as hell to deal with cause of the high poke/damage output. Kill lanes are the best lanes. Zyra doesn't really fit my playstyle (poking and zoning) and I don't have brand.

  13. Jose AmayaMay 21, 2015

    Hey there support brand main here, you want to start of with sear at lvl 1 then configuration at lvl 2. This way your combo is easier to hit at lvl 2 then max you W.

  14. Jose AmayaMay 21, 2015

    As brand support dont take ignite you dont really need it, and you should never upgrade spell thief's, its rather useless tbh.

  15. Ignayte/Exhaust good.

    Uhm lol useless it's reallly good. I upgrade what i want

  16. Eduardo Fortino Velderrain ValMay 22, 2015


  17. Jose AmayaMay 23, 2015

    Im not bashing on the build, its more cost effective if you sit on the un-upgraded spell thiefs then sell for a stronger item late. I also dont upgrade sightstone until last, since all it gives is a bit more health and one more ward. P.S. I find Exhaust better since it lowers burst by 40% lowers Movement Speed and attack speed, and it lowers armor and MR so that you and your carry can more easily burst someone down.

  18. Yes. I pick Exhaust when the enemy ADC is Attack Speed based :)! Also when enemy has kill lane/aggro support it is good. Ignayte is good for enemy adc that is more caster type etc. and to get kills, burst, reduce heal.

    Everyone does how they want. I am aware of people bash sightstone ruby upgrade but I buy it somewhat early I love it. More health and even a nice more WARDS really important for me, I ward. Cheap also.

  19. koolaidfromthehoodJune 24, 2015

    i like the puns in here

  20. Honestly I think his e is better at level one due to it not being a skillshot, but I highly agree with the fact that you should rush the stun.

  21. Jose AmayaJuly 22, 2015

    i used to do that too, but i like to invade a bit at lvl 1 to see if i can get free gold with spellthiefs. Also q has more range and damage, plus it cost 50 mana at all levels. So yeah that's my main reasoning.


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