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Aug 26, 2014

4.15 Patch Analysis



As this patch was relatively short and the ranked queues are already down on the NA servers, let's take a quick look at this patch and how it'll likely affect the Solo Queue Tier list going forward.

Nerfs: Alistar
Buffs: Fiddlesticks, Gnar, Sivir, Urgot

Nerfs (The Death of Alistar)

"Alistar can no longer land an additional basic attack on his Headbutted target as they fly away"
Top Lane Alistar [Tier 1 Top -> XX]: This minor change takes away Alistar's poking power in lane, and with it, the dominance and success he had top lane against popular champions. With this "minor" change, I think that it will essentially remove Alistar from the top lane, and as such he'll likely be dropping off the Tier list for top. 

Support Alistar [Tier 2 Support -> Tier 2 Support]: Meanwhile, as for support Alistar he'll likely remain relatively unchanged as the majority of support Alistars have their strengths in his all-in ability and his in-lane sustaining power.


Fiddlesticks [Jungle God]: Not sure why Fiddle needed any buffs no matter how small, but he'll definitely continue being a strong pick in solo queue with his game changing ultimates.

Gnar [Tier 2 Top -> ???]: Judging from his win rate in the last patch, he was probably closer to a Tier 3 or even a Tier 4 champion, and I clearly had him too high. I'll give Riot the benefit of the doubt though, and assume these changes will move him up to balanced for the time being.

Sivir [Tier 2 ADC -> Tier 2]: Slight visual change, she does feel clumsy compared to other ADCs, but I think she's at least balanced.

Urgot [Tier 4 Everywhere -> Tier 2/3?]: The acid hunter change is basically the same trick they tried with Annie that got her back on her feet. This change gives him a much safer laning phase, and his ability to last hit sounds like it's going to be much more fun! I'm excited to play him Ezreal-style with Q spamming.

I think it's a very real possibility that he's brought up quite a ways on the tier list. However, although he doesn't NEED to buy a tear quite as early for mana issues, he'll probably still use it as part of his core. This means that a late game final build Urgot may still be weaker than other AD carries, but time will tell.

What do you guys think? Agree/Disagree? Comment below!

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  1. Tracy HilliardAugust 27, 2014

    Calling it now before it becomes a thing: Gnar ADC is going to be big when the big names start practicing him and realizing just how good he is as a facemelter.

    I really don't think that Urgot's mana issues will be solved by this issue, but at the very least rushing tear or essence reaver may not be so painful. Still saying he's tier 4 and needs a whole new R.

  2. joeljacksonAugust 27, 2014

    i main urgot top lane and these buffs are making him a god

  3. I seriously don't think alistar will be removed even with the 'change'. You can easily deal with having less harass in lane by playing more with the w-q combo while it does use more mana alistar still gets dominance.

  4. So the Fiddle changes weren't just bugfixes?

  5. Gnar gets outranged by every adc even at 18, and at 1 even urgot outranges him. Reminds me to Teemo adc, can look like a great idea, it isn't.

  6. Yay! Urgot isn't a small piece of paper anymore!

    Sometimes if I try hard enough
    *Urgot Face*
    I hurt myself with my own Q.

  7. NotEnglishAugust 27, 2014

    this patch is very small,hoping in the next one

  8. Well, the only thing I can add here having not played him personally is that there are several difference between Gnar and Teemo. Satan didn't really have a reliable escape, nor did he have scaling percent max health damage every 3rd hit. Not even gonna touch the ridiculous amount of stuns/slows. The current win rates are low as people learn him, but Gnar is a little hard to master from some games I've watched. Not sure he'll be higher than T3 ADC, but that max health damage will keep people coming back time and again.

  9. So, who's this Urgot guy? Is he a new champion? Weird that they're announcing buffs to him before release

  10. Urgot, my baby, Rito finally noticed you <3


  12. JuandermanAugust 27, 2014

    It was a buff that fixed the bug as well, mostly a bugfix however.

  13. In my last comment, I said Kha'Zix was making a comeback.

    Screw Kha, Wukong is Freelo right now. Even with jungle Wu, I'm 5/6 ranked in series with the monkey. WukongOnly has been right all along.

  14. ScarfedGaryBuseyAugust 27, 2014

    Karthus win rate in ranked 51.14% so expect to see him out of tier 3 finally.

  15. KingoftheSocksAugust 27, 2014

    With all the bug changes actually becoming little buffs in a way Rumble should be God this patch. At the very least he's number 4 on the win rates atm and has hit number 2.
    Also with the changes to him a few patches ago what about Zed Tier 1 mid,

    Also completely unrelated but the new shyvana splash is pretty bad. I mean it looks all nice and up to date but it looks pretty bad.

  16. The changes of Essence Reaver benefit much more than it seems to champions like Sivir. I think Sivir with this should be higher.

  17. Hence why I hate the LCS, gives me horrible Rivens/Nidalees and they end up throwing hard late game if they were fed.

  18. I agree with u on everything except Zed, everyone knows the millions of item/champion counters to him.

  19. There is no way Gnar will ever become an ADC, especially in competitive play. Who wants an ADC with such low range and who will halfway through a fight turn in to a melee tank... that is ridiculous...

  20. I like this patch, I've felt bad for urgot for a while hopefully this puts him in a better place. I don't think gnar really needed a buff, just more time put into learning his mechanics.
    Can I be a whiney bitch and moan about how Ezreal Needs a buff to his W like a movement speed slow or better damage scalings or a mana cost reduction because it's useless unless your pushing turrets and even then it's a bit useless until maxed out. I mean your still going to max it last but at least make it worth your while taking it at lvl 4

  21. Diego Pais de LimaAugust 28, 2014

    I think Ez suffers from the same problem as other like...ancient champions hahahaha Riot just wouldn't be so creative as they are now in designing the champions. Ez basically throws skill shots in a straight line, I mean, it bores me even watching someone playing him...Take the more recent champions like, the upcoming Azir, Gnar himself, Yasuo, etc. Now think of Ez, Garen, Zilean...I mean, there's no comparing as to creativity of mechanics. I fear that at a given point, so much more Yasuos and Azirs will be out there, that there won't be any reason to pick champions that have kind of counterpartas that do what he was supposed to, but better and with ultimatly more fun in playing the champ. I thnik reworks would be nice, but I'm fully aware that this is often problematic because no one would like see his/her favourite champ erased and brought to new life just like that. Anyway, I'm no pro or anything, just got wondering about it for a while and your Ez reference brought it back to me. Peace to everyone! (and sorry for eventually crappy english, not my first language) =)

  22. KingoftheSocksAugust 28, 2014

    Ez needs to be reworked, along with Urgot really. They sit in a meta long gone and they just don't suit the game in its current state anymore. Keep his ultimate and keep his q largely unchanged, but his passive, w and e to some extent need to be changed. Why change his passive+w. Well they are attack speed bonuses on a caster which makes little sense in my eyes. Ez does best when he poking with q at range and then going all in when they're low from his poke. Not trading autos like say Tristana or Kog Maw like to do. Replace his passive with something that benefits him as a caster, something like killing a minion with a spell refunds him x amount of mana. and his w, make it hit minions as well, this gives him better pushing power than he had before and actually gives him some waveclear, maybe drop the damage on it but give it a movement speed buff or some form of cc or buff other than an attack speed one.

    His q is fine as is to be honest and his e gives him an escape which gives him his archetype of a , safe long range champ. His R is great as is as its his signiture move and makes ez who he is

  23. Sc VirdianAugust 28, 2014

    I think his passive along with his W makes Ezreal a great objective melter...
    But.yeah we all agree that Ezreal needs a W rework :p

  24. Diego Pais de LimaAugust 28, 2014

    Thanks man! =)

  25. Diego Pais de LimaAugust 28, 2014

    I will let go of the fact that your answer had something of a presumptuous attitude to it and that for what you responded it appears as you either didn't read my entire comment or have poor interpretation skills and make my point more clear. First of all, I didn't even brought the word "meta" up. I never intended to ponder about whether or not it is "swarmed" with aa champs. What I did brought up, was the fact that, in general, older champs tend to have simpler mechanics than the newer ones. I just can't see how you went from "you dislike Ez for having simplistic mechanics" to "well, than why don't you rage on the meta being dominated by lots of aa champs?". When Ez's w was put to question by the guy above me, I pondered that it's entire kit is, by today's standarts, questionable, creative/funwise. And that I fear that at some point they all (the older champs) get obsolete if no rework is made to make them more atractive to play with. And for the meta thing, if the most boring champ ever was the strongest in the meta at some time, it would be picked consistently despite that. I doubt anyone going competitive chooses fun to play factor over current meta power factor. I guess that's pretty obvious.

  26. I think ez's passive is fine, maybe could do with a slight buff but it's fine, you'd don't really run into mana problems either so giving him a mana refund could be a bit broken. All ez needs is a w buff to help him along, I know the existence of ap ez kinda prevents a making the ap scalings higher or buffing the damage straight out, I think the best option for both ap and ad ez is for the w to apply a movement speed slow. It would increase his kiting and play potential without breaking him damage wise. I don't think ezreal needs wave either.

  27. Teemo has a blind, a aa steroid and a move speed boost for better kiting. Also offers a lot of map control, even if your supp doesn't have wards you can ward for him, sounds better now? Well he sucks anyway

  28. I think for the next patch I think teemo top deserves much higher (not mid) for the following reasons

    -Very safe splitpusher (Although does require a "decent" placement of shrooms

    -Great objective control (Baron and Dragon)

    -Is able to chunk down tanks which makes up for the lack of tankiness

    -Very diverse building capabilities (similar to kayle).

    -Is one of the few champions that does not require boots and can work off of 6 items (due to a maxed out W can give him 420 Movement speed before the active).

  29. I believe he is tier-1 because he does do great damage, and can bridge the gap to the adc (Tristana, Kog'maw). His buffs I think were enough to move him up.

  30. Alec JawsleyAugust 29, 2014

    Urgot is best as toplane bruiser. Toplane should be moved up tbqh.

  31. Aron PattersonAugust 29, 2014

    Gnar is best played in the top lane since he can poke from far and start to duel at lvl 3 around half fury. He will get so much health back and he becomes too strong early and late game he's so hard to kill as mega gnar.

  32. when teemo runs, blaze it.

  33. Agreed with most besides ahri support, It's not nearly as good as any other meta supports.

  34. Alec JawsleyAugust 31, 2014

    I love my unconventional supports. I play Poppy, Nidalee, Ashe, Amumu, Ahri, and Teemo. Nidalee is a unique support; vision control and a heal AS steroid. She also is a great kill lane support due to takedown. While both are similar, Ahri's CC helps get the opposing ADC/Support off of the ADC while setting up kills. Both are relatively nice, but, I think Ahri is better. Either way, Ahri support needs to be added to tier 4, above Nidalee or Orianna. And going back to the response, sure Blitz hard counters her, but she wrecks Morgana past-6, same with Leona.

  35. Alec JawsleySeptember 01, 2014

    Janna mid and Soraka mid(at least move her up in tier 4) should be moved up to very low tier 3. Janna mid has mobility, slows, knock ups, and poke for days. Soraka counters Karthus, Malz, etc, and easily outsustains them.

  36. What about Mf jungle?

  37. Kind of implies nidalee support is unconventional. Its a season 3 idea that has never worked yet people keep trying :/

  38. Alec JawsleySeptember 27, 2014

    it does work


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