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Aug 26, 2014

New Champion: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands!



Passive: Will of the Emperor

Cooldown reduction increases Azir's attack speed.

Disc of the Sun - Azir raises a Sun Disc on the base of a destroyed turret (enemy inhibitor and nexus turrets are immune to this effect). Azir’s Sun Disc behaves like a turret, except that it deals increased damage and grants Azir gold on minion or champion kills. The Sun Disc lasts for a short while and if Azir is killed or moves too far away, it loses armor.

Q: Conquering Sands

Azir orders all Sand Soldiers to rush at target position. The soldiers damage and slow all enemies they smash through as they rush into the fray. Azir gains attack speed if the soldiers strike an enemy champion.

W: Arise!

Azir summons an untargettable Sand Soldier—a memory of a Shuriman warrior—from the ground. Azir uses his basic attack as a command, ordering soldiers to attack for him, piercing through their target and dealing damage in a line. Sand Soldiers attack even if Azir himself isn’t in basic attack range. The soldiers fade back to sand after a short while or when their emperor leaves them behind.

E: Shifting Sands

Azir feints, rushing to target Sand Soldier. If Azir collides with an enemy champion, he stops, knocking them up and gaining a shield.

R: Emperor's Divide

Azir calls forth a phalanx of shield-wielding soldiers who press forward, knocking back and damaging enemies. When the soldiers finish their charge, they stand as a wall, blocking enemy champion movement and dashes. Allies can pass through the wall and gain a speed boost when they do. These soldiers cannot be ordered to move or attack.


Azir is a mage who summons Shuriman soldiers to control the battlefield and basic attack for him. The soldier’s piercing basic attacks furnish most of Azir’s damage potential, making him an outlier amongst mages as a right-click-focused champion. Azir’s spells, on the other hand, manipulate his and his soldiers’ positions to keep him safe and establish dangerous no-go zones for his enemies.

Azir establishes shifting zones of power through soldier placement, gaining control of the lane and farming with their assistance. For instance, a soldier placed near the enemy’s caster minions dares a lane opponent to harass or farm through the piercing spear. When the opposing laner missteps, Azir commands the attack, repositioning soldiers with Conquering Sands to make the most of the opportunity. Once a favorable trade or two unlocks kill potential, Azir utilizes Shifting Sands, knocking the enemy champion up and setting himself up to compel a Conquering Sands and finish them off. When the (ancient) coin is flipped, a quick Arise! and Shifting Sands rushes Azir out of danger. 

Add Azir’s ultimate to the mix and the Shuriman leader exercises even more zone control. To go for the kill, start off with Arise! and Shifting Sands to position Azir behind his opponent. From there, Emperor’s Divide drives the foe deep into Azir’s side of the map. Pushed so far into Azir’s territory, the opposing champ’s sure to meet their end at a spear’s tip. If offense proves temporarily unwise, Azir’s ult provides safe passage from a fight, building a wall between Azir and his pursuers.


As in lane, as in teamfights: Azir shines in battles tied to one physical location, where he can safely order his soldiers around and dispatch adversaries from afar. In that vein, Azir dominates Baron and Dragon fights, using his ultimate to lock enemy teams into (or out of) the pits. If teamfights take a roadtrip, Azir must be judicious with Arise! and Conquering Sands, moving his zone of control along with the combatants. Post-initiation, Azir’s an expert at punishing uncoordinated enemies. Shifting Sands—combined with Azir’s ultimate—separates enemy front-liners from their damage dealing dependents, dividing the enemy team for methodical conquering. With the baddies split, Azir charges his soldiers in for the kill, pumping out marksman-level sustained damage until none challenge his rule.

In jungle skirmishes, Azir sets up nasty ambushes with Conquering Sands, transforming convenient exits into spear-guarded gauntlets. Similarly, Emperor’s Divide wholly closes a jungle entrance, sealing Azir’s foes in with him. Trapped, they’re surely short work for Azir, his soldiers and their allies. If a fight goes south, Azir reliably disengages with his ultimate or beguiles baddies with Arise! and Shifting Sands, spiriting himself over a jungle wall.

Disc of the Sun doesn’t raise a turret quick enough to be of much use in teamfights, but sieges are a different story. When attacking enemy inhibitors, Azir can resurrect their inner turret, trapping the enemy team inside their crumbling base and making counter-engages a dangerous proposition. Conversely, when Azir’s base is under assault, Arise! and Shifting Sands help him jump the base wall and sneak around the siege to rebuild his own inner turret. Caught between the inhibitor turret and the Sun Disc, the enemy team can either scatter or be crushed.


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  1. That ult could be super nasty in team fights. Guess who's stuck in the baron pit? That's right, your whole freaking team. Oh, and here comes the Ori/Jarvan/Kogmaw wombo combo. ACE!

  2. yeah... i try gnar and there is something wrong with the champ, ok is fun but something is missing hope that with the little buff of this patch help to be more strong

  3. KingoftheSocksAugust 28, 2014

    He's unpredictable at the best of times, it's rare that you'll be in the form you want when you want to be. If he got changed and when he filled his rage bar he only turned once you pressed r then he'd skyrocket in win rate as then he gets the cc and tankiness when he wants rather then when he just farming his lane. Other than that he'd be a good champ, but Riot want to keep the uncontrollable transformation so Rip Gnar, even if you are the cutest champ in the league

  4. If you mean Azir's team, teamates can walk through it and get a speed boost. But if you mean the opposing team, yes. Very frightening.

  5. People will learn how to use his ulti... the whole point of Gnar is that Riot wanted a multi-form champ that was forced to use both forms. I feel that once people get the timing better with managing rage he could become really strong; or maybe he is doomed to be a medicore champ. I've got no problems with the new champ not being insanely strong and requiring repeated nerfs to put them into line.

  6. I think its gonna be kind of weak late game but really strong early because once he constructs the tower, the lane is permanently frozen.

  7. Lee SeunghwanSeptember 14, 2014

    i sense a nerf coming


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