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Sep 25, 2013

Orianna Creep Deny Techniques

In a recent video by WhatTheMoose, he shows how it's possible due to certain angles to actually block the ability to click on creeps using Orianna's ball. While this might be in fact an unintended bug, it does allow for a bit of strategic maneuvering if you're an Orianna player. 

Meanwhile, it *is* still possible to CS if you can control the creep wave by using attack move, as well as by using spells (Ezreal Q). It's still an interesting concept if it's an intended ability though! Check out the full video below:

More balls. More tricks.

What do you think about this technique? Comment below!

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  1. MikeProGamerHubSeptember 26, 2013

    Hai said in his AMA on reddit that Ori is the best mid non-assasin mid champ right now.

  2. SSJSuntasticSeptember 26, 2013

    Orianna's certainly very good, and even the skillcap involved still makes her a worthwhile pick.

  3. Armando CoronaOctober 01, 2013

    Just farm with "A"... That counters that Orianna deny.


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