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Aug 20, 2013

New Leona, Lee Sin, Graves, and Renekton Skins Soon!


Coming up to support Ziggs in his wild pool party antics are some new friends! Check out the official post below!


Summer's come to Valoran, and Ziggs, duke of demolition, is throwing a blast of a pool party. Step one: blow up the inflatable pool toys. Hopefully he won't misunderstand that one. Step two: invite friends! Leona's here soaking up all the rays, no sunscreen required. Renekton's on lifeguard duty, but he seems more worried about random explosions than anyone drowning. In the shallow end of the pool, Lee Sin happily studies the motion of the water with his hands while Graves, a sly grin curling across his lips, aims his watergun at the uncharacteristically oblivious monk. Leave it to Ziggs to create an explosive situation, this could get very interesting!

Welcome to Summer-ers Rift! Your invitation to the coolest dive in Valoran is coming soon.

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  1. Joey BurkeAugust 20, 2013

    SO COOL!

  2. My only real question is: why did they wait till the end of summer do release these? Other than that, I think it's pretty cool that you can have a legit team comp and a theme all together

  3. That renekton skin <3

  4. As a top lane player, that [email protected]#% is instabuy for me.

  5. Ye lol but have already one skin for renek :p


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