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Aug 18, 2013

FOTM Report: Top Lane Zac, Ahri, Vayne, Zyra Support

Good evening summoners, today's post is dedicated to some of the current FOTM champions I'd like to chat about, namely the ones in the title. Let's start it off with...

#1: Top Lane Zac
Zac received a small nerf recently that reduced the base damage on his slingshot, and this combined with the Yi buffs I felt left him weaker than the monster he used to be. However, he's definitely still extremely powerful in jungle as his normal role.

Meanwhile, rising to popularity is top lane Zac!

Reasons why include:

  • Insane sustaining power in lane;
  • Decent trading ability since he's not quite melee with his stretching strike ability;
  • Great initiation/disruption capabilities;
  • Is naturally tanky with a built in GA; and
  • Give your team an AP caster, which is pretty key when you have an AD based damage jungler.
Personally I think he has great match-ups and is a great component to any team regardless of jungle or top, and is worth a ban if nobody is playing him.

#2: Ahri
Ahri's one of those champions that always snowballs very hard, but when champions like Zed or Talon become popular, fades into disuse. Reasons being of course that she's a very skillshot reliant champion, and when champions wave clear fast and have juking abilities, she loses a lot of power.

Meanwhile, since they've nerfed the majority of AD assassins and introduced Seeker's armguard otherwise, Ahri's making a ridiculously strong comeback onto the scene. Her mobility, poke, and damage have always been great, and without anybody to stop her from snowballing, her late game damage and charm ability definitely land her a top place mid lane.

#3: Vayne
With the nerf on Draven, all the AD carries are pretty even in lane now. Naturally Caitlyn has an early game advantage due to her simple range and harassing potential, but as solo queue AD carries start making it further and further to late game without dying, (MF and Draven nerfs certainly help), of course the strongest and fastest hypercarry starts to shine.

She's definitely one of the most fun AD champion to play with a high skillcap if you intend on using her tumble to its fullest potential. While not everyone is good at her, she's still worth a ban just in case...

#4: Zyra Support
Ever since the awe-inspiring Ashe/Zyra combo hit LCS, Zyra support's been getting a lot of attention for the utility and insane base damage Zyra provides to any team. She's definitely very strong, and her skillshots aren't that hard to land, but she'll definitely take some practice before jumping into ranked compared to Sona. Ever since the onset of lifesteal quints on AD carries, it was really only a matter of time before she become FOTM.

Got more FOTM champions you think I should have mentioned? Comment below!

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  1. disqus_dPjsTtAw3vAugust 18, 2013

    ahri free week plz

  2. I like to keep telling myself that I played Zac toplane before it was popular:P. Imo he was a little better a month ago before the slngshot damage nerf because that really helped his all-in. In the jungle its not as noticeable because on ganks I usually aim way behind my target to be more secure and cut them off.

  3. Loved Ahri ever since I played her over a year ago on a free week.
    First champ I learn't and read up about fully before buying.
    So much fun to play.
    Zyra is great fun as well.

    Stuff Zac, his ult is so strong, as a champion is disruption mechanics are just insane whether he is fed or not.

  4. The best part of playing zyra support is yo can always change your build and obliterate in scrimish AND STILL SUPPORTING YOUR TEAM

  5. Huds DshfhaAugust 21, 2013

    She's definitely very strong, and her skillshots aren't that hard to
    land, but she'll definitely take some practice before jumping into
    ranked compared to elo boost
    Buy LOL Boost


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