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Aug 24, 2013

FOTM Post on Path to Diamond


Hello there ladies and gentlemen, you might have noticed a slight decrease in the number of posts I've been putting up lately, and I figured you deserve an obligatory post to tell you what's up, chat about the state of supports, and some of the FOTM/secret OP champions at the moment:

Research and Development
Basically, I see there's been a lot of disagreement on the tier list lately regarding thoughts on the strength of a lot of FOTM champions, and as I've been busy with real life work lately, I felt that I might have lost touch with the game itself.

Therefore, instead of blogging I've been going through SOLO QUEUE POWER WEEK

In fact, just last night I grinding out solo queue for about 7 hours straight from platinum 4 to platinum 3 (I lost a few along the way, which is why it took so long). I gave up a Friday night for LoL research...REAL

But this isn't just an excuses post~~

Chatting about Supports
Alright, first off supports, since I really like maining support and I feel like a lot of people don't do it quite correctly. First and foremost, my favorites right now are definitely Sona and Zyra, with Janna running a close 3rd.

The reason for this is that a lot of glass cannon assassin type champions are extremely popular nowadays (see Yi, Zed, Rengar, new Lee Sin/Jarvan hydra builds, etc.) This means it's time to go back to the basics...CC. Of course Sona, Zyra, and Janna all have great AOE based CC, but the reason I like Janna (and Leona) a little less is that if you miss Sona or Zyra ult, it's okay because:
  • A) You're not a Leona standing all alone in the middle of a fight, and
  • B) You didn't just accidentally blow the entire enemy team away from Malphite and Jarvan's ultimates.
    • This actually happened....oops...sticking to Sona.
Starting Items
When you start a game as support, you have to ask yourself this question:
  1. What's the kill potential in my lane? (Check your ADC's stats, does he seem aggressive? Does he play a lot of ADC? etc.)
  2. What's the enemy kill potential in my lane?
    • Who is the enemy support and are they a support main?
If the enemy team seems like they'll beat you, ex: you as Ezreal + Janna vs Tristana + Sona, then feel free to grab a faerie charm, a pink, and some green wards. Remember to tell your ADC that they'll probably outrade you in a sustain or all-in fight, so you should probably play passive until your jungler comes.

However, my preferred start is almost ALWAYS 2 pink wards, 3 green wards, and a health pot.

The reason for this is that with this you can control your lane very effectively, and you'll never have to worry about staying too long and not having enough wards. Also, it makes the enemy laners extremely cautious whenever your jungler isn't on the map, which gives you a strong psychological advantage in lane. 

If you're playing a melee support like Taric, Leona, or Blitz I suggest ditching one of the green wards and picking up extra health pots instead, as you'll likely be soaking a lot of poke damage (which is good mana drain + keeps your ADC from getting poked down.)

OP Champions
Current FOTM bans I'd say are Thresh, Kassadin, Zac, and Vayne.

Other than that BLITZCRANK should be banned every game simply because if there isn't an amazing one on the enemy team, there's gonna be a crappy one on your team that's gong to lose you the game. Of course you could bank that the crappy one is on the enemy team, but seriously, when does that ever happen...

Outside of these champions, I'd say the champions that are almost NEVER banned that can carry a team easily are the following:

Secret OP Champions
Nidalee - Lose lane, two-shot enemy ADC and support, no problem. Time is your friend, and long drawn out battles always end up in the blame game on who got hit with the most spears.

Rammus - Most annoying champion in the game, a lane can be winning, push a lane too hard, and end up behind just because boots of mobility + homeguard + powerball makes him way too fast. Bot lane needs to pretty much freeze all game after Rammus gets his boots of mobility, and ward very hard before then.

Morgana - I think people forgot how to play against Morgana...basically once she hits a bind it's all over, and she has the one of the easiest laning phases in the world. Of course she still has her counters, but if you play smart she's a very consistent champion now that other mids have been nerfed down to size.

Got some thoughts to add? Want to ask a random question about solo queue? Comment below!

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  1. This is really great, thanks for the tips! But, are you working on the tier list for 3.10a? :D

  2. Oopsie dasey, the tier list just got updated. My bad.

  3. SSJSuntasticAugust 24, 2013

    Yep, today was a productive day :)

  4. Henry YoungAugust 24, 2013

    Yeah I'd say that Morg is still a good champ; she has damage and hard ccs. I play her as well. Remember the time when Morg is banned every game? S1?

  5. SSJSuntasticAugust 24, 2013

    Yeah, her strategy is still exactly the same too...hue hue.

  6. I did not bots of mobility when I was Rammus, but we won anyway.
    The next game the enemy Rammus did get boots of mobility. We crushed both lane (a duo queue, hehe) but god dam Rammus wrecked us in a few times, even warded tri brush didn't help much, so dam fast.
    We still won but, Zyra support too strong. Kinda.

  7. Arnold ChenAugust 25, 2013

    So about Morgana, curious but does she just farm all day in lane? So it's not a lane with a kill potential.

  8. SSJSuntasticAugust 25, 2013

    Hi arnold she can if she wants, but although she can't 100 to 0 pre 6 she definitely has kill potential.

  9. Mary RobinsonAugust 26, 2013

    Hi Mr. Sun, So i played malzahar yesterday against a brand and the enemy team took Rammus. I took cleanse and flash but still got wrecked by ganks. What do you do when you know the champion you are playing is weak against a certain champ but you will draw flames from teamates for banning that champ for "selfish" reasons. Ban champ and take flames? LEarn to deal with that champ? or just try not to lose so bad and make "acceptable" bans

  10. What are your thoughts on sightstone? ATM i end up just building my aegis first (once i have my philo) and just buy wards instead

  11. IMO...

    If you want to ban out Rammus and have control of bans, just discuss it in champ select before you do, so you are rid of him if your teammates agree.

    Otherwise I'd go with the last option, just try not to lose so bad and make "acceptable" bans.

    Just tell your opponents, "Ok, enemy has Champion X, this guy counters me hard, so please help me out by pushing the lane if I get ganked." or something. Alternatively you can ask for jungle help (but not too much) or just tell jungle to focus on snowballing top and bottom lane. They might understand you falling behind (and if they don't understand they are toxic anyway); and if you win because your top and AD are unstoppable, then it is all worth it.


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