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Jun 30, 2013

Xelnath Updates Yorick Info with Tentative Kits!

As an update to his first post on Yorick, RiotXelnath's got a few updates for ideas he's tossing around! Check out the details below:

The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly:
Whew... Finally caught up with this thread.

A lot of good thoughts here.

Things filtering to the top:

* Yorick should still be in the front line
* Ghouls are what Yorick is about.
* Ghouls should last longer
* Ghouls should be meaningful to Yorick
* Ghouls should give *some* gold (maybe 5 like Zyra plants?) if you last hit them


* Yorick's free, ranged sustain is highly frustrating and doesn't require himself to be at risk (Compare with Nasus)
* Yorick's snares and lockdown kit (W -> Q) means once you do close, the enemy has no chance to escape in an even match
* Yorick's ultimate is too dependant on allies and feels out of theme with Yorick.
* Yorick's kit doesn't give Yorick players an opportunity to be skillful.

Going to cook up a couple ideas based on the stuff I've seen here. (Keep in mind, no work on this will begin for quite some time - I'm trying to establish a baseline understanding of player expectations and gameplay hypothesis I want to solve.)

Thanks guys

Tentative Kits
RiotXelnath also pieced togther two sample kits that are based on his brainstorm session earlier. Please note that these are Tentative kits and prone to change:

I've thrown together two "kit" ideas based on the concepts posed earlier for discussion of the ideas behind them. Keep in mind, these are only tooltips... and tooltips are much easier to write than abilities are to build. 

Which of these better fits the kind of character Yorick should be? Please explain why you like or hate it. 

Good Talking Points:
* Counterplay - which one provides the better experience?
* Creativity - which one lets the player feel like a pro?
* Cohesiveness - which ones feels like it works well together?

Kit 1

Ghouls buff Yorick. Yorick can give these buffs to an Ally. 

Name:  yorick_pitch1_passive.jpg
Views: 40253
Size:  41.0 KB Name:  yorick_pitch1_q.jpg
Views: 40195
Size:  43.8 KB Name:  yorick_pitch1_w.jpg
Views: 40030
Size:  48.6 KBName:  yorick_pitch1_e.jpg
Views: 40106
Size:  47.0 KBName:  yorick_pitch1_r.jpg
Views: 40092
Size:  45.8 KB

Kit 2) 

Ghouls interplay with each other. Yorick's ultimate is a powerful army command tool. 

Name:  yorick_pitch2_passive.jpg
Views: 40085
Size:  63.6 KB Name:  yorick_pitch2_Q.jpg
Views: 40042
Size:  43.6 KB 
(Q - Ranged Nuke) 
Name:  yorick_pitch2_W.jpg
Views: 39960
Size:  44.5 KBName:  yorick_pitch2_E.jpg
Views: 39952
Size:  49.3 KB
(E - Skillshot) 

Name:  yorick_pitch2_R.jpg
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Size:  48.5 KB


It's a lot to take in...what do you think about the preliminary ideas?

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  1. Daniel YiJune 30, 2013

    Holy shit this looks WAY more fun than the fuckign "point and click adventure" Yorick!

  2. Erik GooaalJune 30, 2013

    The first set of qwe with the second set's ultimate looks the most fun.

  3. Richard ClarkeJuly 01, 2013

    because 300,000 damage is fair
    pentamotherfuckingkill with one button

  4. Richard ClarkeJuly 01, 2013

    oh i haz a better idea for the yorick ult. Ghost Army - On activation he creates a necromantic circle, The circle lasts for 5 seconds and any minions that die inside the circle for the duration are summoned under Yorick's control for 30 sec to 1 min maybe, the minions gain a movement speed buff since they won't be able to keep up with champions that have boots (maybe this can be increased per level of the ult; lvl 1 - 15% lvl 2 - 20% lvl 3 - 25%) All other stats remain the same. Yorick controls the army with alt + right click like with pets. can make it so that this works for superminions and pets like tibbers, even Dragon. Balance it by making it so that if enemies kill these minions they gain the original gold gain of said minions; so if an enemy should kill the ulted dragon they'd gain the 750g for their team, same for blue and red buffs. So here is a super powerful ult that is a double edged sword.

  5. Max HospadarukJuly 01, 2013

    It's worth pointing out that in the actual thread xelnath says he purposfully made the numbers ludicrous so that people wouldn't get hung up on them (since these are obviously pre-pre-pre-production ideas that haven't been tested or balanced at all)

  6. Max HospadarukJuly 01, 2013

    this idea has some merit, but throwing in dragon/baron/pets makes it too too crazy. The potential for team-griefing with this is possibly more than the idea of an ally hook.

    "top of or I give them every dragon and baron for free"


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