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Jun 29, 2013

Yorick Rework Incoming..."no-brain playstyle must go"

Yorick's a pretty simple champion to play. I know because I mained him to 1700 in Season 2. He's also a little broken....which is why I mained him. But it looks like the Riot and the community agree, Yorick needs to be changed, and here's RiotXelnath's take on it:

This is unprecedentedly good feedback. ZenonTheStoic is helping me gather feedback on the EU German forums as well.

So my general take aways so far:
  • The general fantasy Yorick players have is very consistent and unsatisfied.
  • Yorick is much more offensive to players than I had imagined.
  • Yorick players come in two major categories.
  • - Pick Yorick for his Theme (Necromancer)
  • - Pick Yorick for his Raw Power (Broken sustain/poke)

This guy will probably be a much more severe rework than Xerath. However, it seems clear what direction he must go: 

1) Yorick must feel like he controls an "Army of the Damned" - multiple minions, not one powerful one
2) Yorick must feel like he can make skillful plays, using his ghouls.
3) Yorick opponents must feel like they can outplay his moves. 

Some Yorick players show that they appreciate how powerful and uncounterable Yorick is. However, this is not healthy for league, as I think most players will agree. The surprise to me is that these Yorick players feel that he prevents other, worse, champion playstyles from becoming dominant in top lane. 

If this is true, it means we may need to simultaneously investigate those issues, if Yorick is the last bastion counter champ.... I will confer with higher skilled players to see if this is consistently true. 

Either way, his "no-brain" playstyle clearly must go. Source
In relation to this, feel free to check out Zileas' anti-fun patterns,  the criteria Riot goes by when determining unbalanced play. It's a bit lengthy, but a good read.

What do you think about Yorick? Does he need to be changed? How? Comment below!

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  1. William ZhangJune 29, 2013

    Right now yorick just destroys all the top laners(And out scale them)by not allowing them to farm BY JUST FACE ROLLING HIS Q W E.However top laners like nasus,cho gath,udyr,nunu, and vlad do well against him because they can sustain and are strong through mid-late game.Overall you shouldnt be dying to him because he doesnt do burst,he does alot of sustain damage that prevents you from farming.And if your squishy like kha ziks,zed,pantheon,riven,or jax you going to have a really really bad time against him till the point you may die

  2. SSJSuntasticJune 29, 2013

    Hi William, I'd say that's a very fair statement!

  3. WindAerisJune 29, 2013


    Isn't Fiora getting her changes soon? She needs some easy changes. More Q range. Be able to use Q on allied minions. Her E should grant a boost at activation, since Draven's does.

    inb4downvotes but i'm taking ideas from Katarina and Draven's kit.

  4. Master DiaJune 30, 2013

    I've never played against a yorick but is it really that bad?

  5. Jia Xin PlaygamealldayJuly 11, 2013

    Pls dun nerf yorick or rework him as i play him alot! In ranked games but also is easily to counter if you know how, but if u do nerf him pls dun nerf his long sustain as he is mana costly and weak early game!!!

  6. Jia Xin PlaygamealldayJuly 11, 2013

    Pls dun nerf yorick or rework him as i play him alot! In ranked games but also is easily to counter if you know how, but if u do nerf him pls dun nerf his long sustain as he is mana costly and weak early game!!!!

  7. Jia Xin PlaygamealldayJuly 11, 2013

    For all does who play yorick and just love him for what he is and his play style... vote pls!

  8. Major EversAugust 01, 2013

    I've read a fair number of the comments, and it's clear that a lot of the writers here are suffering from what a friend of mine calls: "Aatrox Syndrome." When Aatrox first came out, players were overwhelmed with the kit, calling it OP and the sort; demanding the immediate nerf-guillotine. However, as players learned how to fight and handle said champ', he became pretty harmless to those who understood him in lane. As it is with Yorick, a champion with dire need for a rework (Both for his art, and some minor changes to his kit/stats). If you understand this one simple rule about Yorick, you can counter him pretty damn well:

    Yorick is mana STARVED. Shut him down early, most easily with ganks as he has to be a very sly guy in order to actually escape. If he can't get the items to sustain his mana pool, he's done; no question about it.


    If your jungler is being a prude, then pay attention to how your Yorick is laning. If he's spamming ghouls like a moron, then let him; just don't sit there and let them smack you. Yorick's sustain is derived from the fact that folks commonly ignore his Ghoul of Famine, which with each hit THE GHOUL lands, it heals him for so much, plus the scaled AD added on. So, once you throw your harass on, avoid the ghouls (Kiting them is real easy, they die on their own), and feel that your Yorick is at low enough health to All-In on, then go for it--

    HOWEVER, don't go in on him expecting him not to ult. You can go about fighting him two ways when you intend to all in (Keeping in mind his passive grants him 5% damage bonus and mitigation per ghoul, including the ult):

    First, if you are at a ridiculous advantage, feel you can outplay him, and know you'll secure the kill without dying, go for it as you would any other fight.

    Second, if you aren't so certain of the height of your advantage, then go mostly in making it appear that you're all in, and allow him to blow his ult only to immediately disengage. Once the ult is down, that's another 5% you don't have to worry about from him. Re-engage the moment you can, and take him down.

    Yorick isn't Over Powered. Learn to play, and don't be overly aggressive unless you have the clear advantage. There's plenty and more I could say, particularly about the team-work factor of any game which reduces Yorick's effectiveness.

    Ask your team for a hand, and don't put Teemo in top lane against him. League of Legends is a game that can be easily won by excellent team work, even if you're counter-picked in every lane.

  9. Major EversAugust 01, 2013

    No, not at all. Folks are overzealous in their comments here because they don't understand his passive and how to fight it. After he all in's, he's the most vulnerable champion in the game. If he's overly aggressive, extends even an inch further than he should, or any other exposing Malpositioning factor; the jungler swaddles on over and gives him a nice spanking.

  10. I play Yorick whenever I go top lane and i really wouldn't mind the changes. I wanna have some playmaking potential in Yorick, sounds like a lot of fun


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