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Jun 30, 2013

Chatting About Ignite

So I've been thinking about Ignite.
Ignites an enemy champion, dealing (50 + 20  × level) true damage over time to a single target and reduces the health regeneration and the healing effects received by 50%.
Along with the mastery:
Increases Ability Power and Attack Damage by 5 while on cooldown.
The thing is, I see a lot of people using it at the very end of a battle...the way ignite works as a dot, it may be beneficial for you to ignite just before they die in case they flash, but honestly you shouldn't be trading unless you know you can win anyway.

Ah...ignite old friend

This means that ignite is MUCH better used at the beginning of an all-in, rather than the end. (especially early game)

Even if you don't manage to kill them, this means that every trade you do from then on out, you'll have a little extra 5 damage and 5 AP, which is much more valuable early game than saving ignite for a later attempt.

Of course, the main reason people likely save ignite is to see if they can kill the enemy champion without it. However, unlike Flash, Ignite really isn't one of those summoner skills that you should be saving for a rainy day. Use it or lose it.

Burn baby burn

Let's look at a few numbers:

Jayce vs Irelia:
Jayce: 420 base health
Irelia: 456 base health

Supposing they hit each other for a nice round 5 times, Ignite at the beginning will give 25 more damage ignoring armor for a total of 6% of Jayce's health and 5.5% of Irelia's health. How many times have you seen an enemy champion just *barely* get away?

Meanwhile, health potions (Which you should pop during the fight) give 150 health over 15 seconds. Ignite with its 5 seconds of debuff, will reduce it a further 25 damage (150/15*5*50%). That's again, the exact same amount as the damage bonus it gives you.

How does an extra 12% of the enemy base health sound? Of course this isn't even including the spells they do.

Note: Math on damage will be a little higher because of armor, but ratios on spells will compensate.

What do you think? Do you use ignite at the beginning or end? Did I convince you otherwise? Comment below!

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  1. Henry YoungJune 30, 2013

    Well, I only use it at the beginning of a fight when I am sure this guy that I am facing is going' to die. Since I play AP Mid the most, the fight mostly ends in a blink of an eye, which doesn't really matter if I used it in the beginning or the end. The fact is, there is that extra damage while Ignite is on CD. So, why not just use it from the beginning.?

    Oh yeah, people should calculate the rough damage of a champion while playing, and before fights. They shouldn't be thinking "Oh, I want to fight, but I'm not sure if I could kill him/her. I will use ignite if he/she didn't die." or "What? He/she didn't die? I shouldn't have use Ignite that early."
    (There's sometimes mistakes and [email protected]@)

  2. LolAsiansxDJune 30, 2013

    Although it may be mathematically best to use the ignite as soon as possible (after any base health actives if possible) I don't think it's the best use of ignite. When going in for a fight, if you start off with your combo and ignite it's likely that as soon as your opponent sees the ignite on them that they are going to turn and back out. Now sure at this point you have probably won the trade, but if your opponent is now going to use their pots/lifesteal/base and the next fight you go into they will be full health/mana; likely the same as you, but they will also have their ignite, which is now going to force you out of the fight.
    I tend to not use my ignite early because sometimes it feels like a waste, when my opponent just turns and gets away with half heath and I'm now out an ignite which happens quite a lot early game when you lack spell and damage to outright kill someone.

    On certain champions it can be better to straight up ignite without even all-ining your opponent, Tsm Reginald is quite often seen doing this. But on some champions the scaling isn't worth it. Lets say you have a 60% ad scaling, is 3 damage really worth it? On top of your ignite burning one of their health potions probably.
    I guess it's all situational as with anything in LoL, sure it's mathematically best to use your ignite early, but if you use it early it's not going to ensure you the kill you may get the most use out of it, but you can still miss out on the kill, and a lot of the time it will make your opponent think twice about fighting at that point. So a lot of players save it until they're certain that they will get the kill.

  3. I think you make a good point. Like any other summoner spell or global ult out there, especially Flash and Teleport, there's a psychological effect on the opponent that makes them take note of the Ignite that's waiting to go on them.

    While this article is on a purely math standpoint, in smart play (as in slapping the Ignite down before any nukes) I don't think anyone can reliably react and start running right when ignite is on them since there's no visible projectile. Maybe they'll react in about half a second at best, and by then they will have seen (for example) Disintegrate+Incinerate coming at them.

    There are many champions where Ignite is best saved for when it's sure that the opponent will be hit. As in Lux, Ahri and many other skillshot based spellcasters out there, if I followed this article, I'd probably ignite them once I've hit-confirmed the light binding or charm.

  4. Well, I tend to play champions that already have a DoT embedded in their kit, but at the same time have a burst ability or two. (Darius/Swain) The second I hit level three I pop everything and go back to farming. If they try to counterattack while I unleash my combo + ignite, I keep hitting them. (Darius and swain have a ridiculous lvl 3 combo.) If they don't I zone them out and ask my jungler to come to my lane. (The enemy jungler is likely to gank my lane if the enemy laner stays instead of backing off, this way, my jungler can counter gank and since I already did a huge trade on the enemy laner it'll be a piece of cake to kill both.) This works simply because junglers are always trying to help the lane that needs the most help, since I burned everything without my jungler, they assume that my jungler is not around and that I am a really cocky player for burning everything and contiuously zone the other laner out.

    Point is, burn ignite early game, unleash your combo, back off and passive farm while asking your jungler to come to the closest bush near your lane, act completely normal and last hit, and wait for the enemy jungler to walk right into your trap.


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