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May 16, 2013

Incoming Changes on Ashe's Passive?

Ashe's passive is about as old as they come. But who's to say you can't teach an old dog new tricks? RiotGypsylord certainly thinks you can. Check out his proposed changes to Ashe's passive below!
MO Ashe as a whole is in a pretty good spot. She sees decent play and maintains a decent win rate across all elos while also being a niche pick in the competitive environment. Her kit has clear strengths and weaknesses and offers Ashe players many opportunities for extreme high moments.

What is NOT in a good spot is Focus, Ashe's passive. As far as the majority of Ashe players are concerned it provides one singular moment of play and power to Ashe over the duration of the entire game. This is during the level one team fight/lane engagement. For the rest of the game the Ashe player tends not to notice or care about Focus and if she does notice it she feels as though she has no way to be proactive and take advantage of the power it is providing. Not cool.

So what to do? CHANGE IT OF COURSE! Here's something CertainlyT and I just put into testing:

Ashe gains 3/6/9/12/15/18 stacks of Focus for every 3 seconds spent not attacking. At 100 stacks her next attack is guaranteed to crit. Her Focus stacks will then reset to her current Crit Chance.

Note - Attacking no longer causes Ashe to lose focus.

The goal here isn't to do a massive Focus overhaul but instead make a lighter change that turns Focus into a binary mechanic that you can plan and play around in lane. If you have full stacks of Focus you get a free crit on your next attack. If you have 90 stacks of Focus then go hide in a bush for 6 seconds, get Focus, and R+W+Crit the enemy Sona. Source
Good focus is always nice to have...

To clarify, he provided us with a  table:
Oops should have clarified that. It will almost work like you're suggesting.

After 3 seconds of not attacking Ashe's Focus stacks will update every second.

Timeline after not attacking looks like this at level 18:
1 Sec - 0 Stacks
2 Sec - 0 Stacks
3 Sec - 18 Stacks
4 Sec - 24 Stacks
5 Sec - 30 Stacks
6 Sec - 36 Stacks

If she has 55% Crit it will look like this assuming she starts @ zero stacks.
1 Sec - 0 Stacks
2 Sec - 0 Stacks
3 Sec - 73 Stacks (55 + 18)
4 Sec - 79 Stacks
5 Sec - 85 Stacks
6 Sec - 91 Stacks
7 Sec - 97 Stacks
8 Sec - 100 Stacks, Next attack will Crit and clear Stacks. Source
From my perspective, Ashe is already in a pretty decent place right now. Her early game burst with her current focus passive is already annoying, and I have a feeling a change like this would bring her back into permanent mainstream play.

Since volley doesn't stop her passive from ticking, this means that if Ashe kites a champion with her volley, in 3 seconds she can pick up an automatic critical strike.  Sounds almost too good to be true.

What do you guys think? Comment below!

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  1. MaghrabiMay 16, 2013

    i like the idea :D

  2. "Note - Attacking no longer causes Ashe to lose focus."???

    That seems to contradict every other thing about her attacking and it resetting to her current crit chance.

    Am I missing something?

  3. SSJSuntasticMay 16, 2013

    Instead of gaining crit percentage she gains "stacks" and at 100 stacks it's 100% crit chance. While she's not attacking she gains stacks.

  4. Oh gotcha, so she won't lose her stacks while attacking, until they reach 100, in which case she'll have 100% crit chance, and then reset. Awesome.

  5. SSJSuntasticMay 16, 2013

    Yep, you got it!

  6. Gangplank StyleMay 16, 2013

    Not really an insta crit after 3 seconds. At level 18 it'd take about 17 seconds of not attacking to get a full stack of crit, assuming she has no crit items. (The 55 crit example is likely with Infinity + Phantom)

    This change doesn't feel overpowering to me, it just means (mid-later game) she'll just get a guaranteed one free crit every engagement rather than a CHANCE to get a free crit every engagement.

    Also in early game laning, she'll might get 1 free crit upon returning to lanes (or probably 1 crit per 2 backs), which will probably be spent on a minion rather than harass (the lane opponents, if smart, will hang back and farm safely while waiting for Ashe to throw her free crit at a minion... extended periods of not attacking will mean loss of farm for Ashe or having to blow mana on Volley to farm which totally isn't ideal... finally I don't see Ashe flashing in just for a free crit unless she might get a kill out of it).

  7. Still seems bad to me. it promotes doing nothing for long periods of time. how bout something like tryndamere's passive where she can actually use it more than once in lane

  8. DamienknightJuly 03, 2013

    Having had a chance to try this out, I like it alot. It allows me to farm minions in lane normally, but when I am waiting for a low health minion, I am slowly building up a crit. When the crit is ready, I ping the closest enemy and go for it. With the old passive, it was unreliable when less than 100 percent, so not work making plays for it.

  9. Chunk BaskerNovember 18, 2013

    Just change what focus does completely. The crit chance becomes more and more useless as the game progresses.

  10. Chunk BaskerNovember 18, 2013

    Cd on stack gain is still too long to be effective for use in combat.


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