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May 16, 2013

Chatting About AP Janna

Hola ladies and gentlemen. To continue on with my barrage of posts is a little chat on AP Janna after Zekent's post earlier today.

AP Janna's always been strong, but at the same time difficult to play. Let's take a look at her pros and cons:

- High utility and mobility
- Solid global passive can make the difference between life or death
- Amazing waveclear with her tornado
- Almost impossible to catch late game
- Huge shields

- Low early game burst damage
- Needs to concentrate on farming to be effective late game
- Squishy early to mid game
- Easily bursted if silenced (e.g. Talon)
- Fully charged Tornado easy to dodge

Although a well played Janna (see below) is extremely powerful, to get to this stage is difficult unless you're the type of person who can concentrate on passively farming until mid-game onwards when your champion is strongest. Luckily she has an extremely safe farming method, with good range and a knock-up if the enemy champion approaches.

Personally I've always been a fan of AP Janna simply because of her utility and entertainment value, but I'm still a little skeptical since without a fully stacked Mejals she doesn't seem to be on par with other super fed AP carries. She's definitely viable, but how viable remains to be seen.

Chinese Hextech Janna
Magic. It calls to me.

Meanwhile, check out Zekent's video below!

What do you guys think? Viable? Overpowered? Comment below!

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  1. Well it can work but just like very close choice (Sona AP) the skillset highly lack in damage. :-(
    But can really fk up some comp with high chasing ability (Renekton, Noc, etc...) on you or your adc + the shield makes your adc really solid !

  2. SSJSuntasticMay 17, 2013

    AP Sona is pretty fun too, I beat my friend's Kennen mid with Sona mid.

  3. yes its pretty good and even seriously unfaire early game but both tend to have a really bad late game (speaking on individual side)


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