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May 16, 2013

Riot Officially Declares Pick Order Beats Call Order

As everyone knows, whenever you enter a ranked game or any game at all, you'll always see "mid" "top" "jungle" or "adc"...meanwhile you'll also see "respect pick order" "last pick shouldn't call"

Well who's right? According to the latest official updates by Riot, Pick Order  has won the battle for righteousness!

Stand up for what's right!

Check out the full post below:

As you all know, we value communication and collaboration above all when it comes to choosing roles in ranked games. According to the Player Behavior team's studies, teams that cooperate together have a greater chance to win. Naturally, cooperation and communication is something we want to encourage within all games of League of Legends.

That said, we do know that there have been some problems with coming to an agreement at champion select, and many players have defaulted to one of two systems: Pick Order – where players higher on the pick list have first choice of their role – and Call Order – where players believe whoever “calls” a role first gets the right to it. For a while, we've been asked what our own official stance is on Pick Order versus Call Order and, after much consideration, we've ultimately decided to endorse Pick Order over Call Order as an underlying system. There are many reasons why Pick Order works better to encourage communication and cooperation in teams:
  • Players with faster load times shouldn't have an unfair advantage in Call Order
  • Pick Order occurs naturally in the current design, so it's more intuitive
  • Over time, players get an equal number of opportunities to be each pick slot
  • Players shouldn't have to race to type a position at the start of each match

At this point we would like to stress, once again, that Pick Order should not be the first thing players turn to in determining who plays what role in ranked games. Pick Order is meant to be a last resort when settling discussions - this is why we are endorsing it and not mandating it. Communication and collaboration are still the most important things when it comes to playing ranked games, and we hope players will continue to uphold the Summoner's Code in all of their matches. If you refuse to communicate with your team and rely only on Pick Order to determine your role selection, you are still being a toxic player and this will reflect negatively upon you. By officially endorsing Pick Order, however, we are hoping this will give more structure to players and may help settle some disputes. And, of course, this isn't the only thing we're doing to address champion select as a process. For more information on our long-term plans, turn to this discussion with Lyte, status kwoh, and davinWe've also included a mini-FAQ for players who have further questions on our endorsement of this philosophy.

Happy hunting,

Socrates Source
 Meanwhile, here's a short Q & A regarding the new sanction:
  • Q: How will Riot be able to enforce this?

A: The short answer is it won't be strictly enforced. We want to create an environment that encourages collaboration when creating team comps. Strict enforcement here could potentially obstruct that. However, in the event that somebody is breaking the Summoner's Code in champ select, players can use the existing reporting tools like the tribunal.

  • Q: I'm last pick and I have no idea how to play the role left to me – so I get reported either way. What do I do?

A: It's best to go into ranked with at least a basic grasp of how to play every role. Having said that, behavioral and game skill reporting is handled differently. Receiving an ‘unskilled player' report can't result in a ban.

  • Q: I ALWAYS end up last pick so this will have a significantly negative impact on me – how does pick order even get decided?

A: On average players should be seated in each pick order roughly the same number of times over a large enough set of games.

  • Q: So if I play with a friend who's significantly higher ranked than me, I will never have a choice in my role?

A: In this specific case, you could ask your friend to make a pick for you and then trade. More generally it's pretty rare to find a team who all insist on playing specific positions. It's worth communicating your strongest and weakest positions to your team since usually a compromise can be found.
RiotLyte also stopped by to add his two cents on how to interpret the new rules:
The philosophy here isn't that pick order defines everything and is king. You should still communicate with your teammates and can see if they'd be willing let you play top--in many cases, players will be happy to still swap roles with you even if they have a higher pick order. Source
 He also mentions:
This isn't necessarily an official stance or how Champion Select will always be, we're working hard on the future solutions everyday."
RiotSocrates also warned that this official stance shouldn't mean martial law to troll as a higher ranked pick:
Our stance isn't that the player who has first pick should ignore his team and auto lock. It's that players should try to collaborate to form a team. If for whatever reason players come to an impasse and disputes arise, we want players to have some generally agreed upon set of rules to resolve the dispute in a civil way. Source

Trundle Mid! Pick order...

What do you guys think of Riot's new stance? Comment below!

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  1. "

    Q: I ALWAYS end up last pick so this will have a significantly negative impact on me – how does pick order even get decided?

    A: On average players should be seated in each pick order roughly the same number of times over a large enough set of games."

    Thats what should happen but thats not the case. Im first 2 more often then anything else. Last maybe 1/6 or so matches. Just because on average it should happen doesn't mean it will. And the set of games for it come true has to be huge. People don't want to play a huge amount of games if, for them to reach the average, they have to go through a large amount of games where they have no choice but to play what they don't want to play.

    They need a better system if they want this rule to stand.

  2. SSJSuntasticMay 17, 2013

    That's definitely true, depending on how much LP I have I do tend to notice that around that LP I always tend to be in the same pick order...not sure why.

  3. Gangplank StyleMay 17, 2013

    I prefer the roles in this order...
    Support (Taric, Soraka, Fids - the cheap supports)
    Mid (Here I will probably only be Annie, Nids or Kha'zix coz I prefer to unlock champions for Jungle/Top)
    ADC (I hate being ADC role, even if I <3 Miss Fortune and Tristana)

    ...and I usually get my Jungle too, so I'm happy. (But they usually yell at me for wanting to pick Gangplank...)

    Before this I just learned to play the roles that people hardly pick. Just like how I learned to tank in WoW. :)

  4. Prob something to do with the numbers given to each account.

    Lol j/ks I have no idea. Would need to see the code behind the system to get any clue around it.
    There has to be a reason, some value some where that is associated with each account that is unique which what ever the algorithm is uses to determine the player position.
    Moot point until Australian servers for me anyway. Every match I've played over the past 2 weeks re-enforces that point for me.
    Any news on the Aussie servers Suntastic?

  5. Problem is it would be so hard to make sure the person plays that roll and such a system would be so easy to troll. Something like that gives huge power to the trolls. It wouldnt be hard to queue and pick a random champ and roll despite queuing for another roll entirely.

    So much diversity in what champs can do, riot would have to say "you can only play this champ here and here, if you queue for this or this roll, you can't pick that champ" and thats something I highly doubt they ever do (also, wouldn't want them to do it, that would make the game more boring, you learn more from people doing crazy and random things then by doing the same thing every time).

    I do agree however, I love a more defined system, I wish there were no trolls in the game so such a system could exist, wouldn't be abused and then everyone could play what they wanted and work together, that would be awesome, but its a fools dream.

  6. Gangplank StyleMay 17, 2013

    Good points. It seems I had not taken into account that it without perma-locking champs into roles they can play this system can be abused; and (going back to my WoW example) people try to queue as tanks or healers even if they fail at it (or try to go DPS)...

    I bet true solo games (like Starcraft) don't face this problem, even in the 2-4 player random team versus games.

  7. Well i think there is a huge work to be done on this face of the game!
    Riot try to make an official chart for the pick order but i don't believe in his efficiency...

    "It's best to go into ranked with at least a basic grasp of how to play every role."

    I point the figure on that since usually the 2 last picks are the first QQing saying "i can't support/adc" ...
    In general this sort of message is judged to my eyes as negative behavior or lack of effort just like RIOT said from the quote above. This should never appear on the chat...
    Let me explain.
    Would you prefer someone says strickly "i don't or i can't support/adc." or the kind of good guy player "best at mid/top but will fill the gap on what is needed."
    Since reporting someone that goes 0/8 in few minutes because this player has been forced to take a role he doesn't like or belong to as "Unskilled player" explain to me why there is such category of report so?

    This whatever solution from RIOT isn't going to chance much, don't you think so?
    I think there is several solutions which can lead into making SoloQ more appreciable to play !

    1- The one which the community made a huge polemic about how good/bad is it.

    2- Instead of making Ranking games unlocked at lvl30 with 14-16 champions why not going more in depth like have at least 2 champions with each role unlocked and 10-20 games(more even) of each role has to been played in Normal games to finally unlock the Ranking system!

    3- Something which i saw really often (about 80% of my ranked games) is the fact there is always a DuoQ in each team. (using this website:

    Why not giving a reward to DuoQ going botlane together? since its kind of an handicap since they can't ensure the 2 other lanes and the jungler efficiency most DuoQ are like "If we can get
    Top/Mid, Mid/Jungle or Jungle/Top we will carry this HUEHUEHUE 20mins later> surrender"

    In my opinion they should give % LP bonus in case of victory if the premade took the most unpopular pick (ADC/SU) they will make a few additional lp compare to the others since the botlane is there the communication and synergy between 2 players are the most needed!!!

    What do you think about those ideas?
    Imo RIOT really need to work on those ideas...

  8. They prob have some issue with trolls but I agree the problem is most likely a lot smaller and for those who just want to play its a moot point as 1v1 no one can screw with you and if the other person trolls you will still most likely win.

    So sad that the minority ruin it for the majority.


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