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Feb 13, 2013

Vi, Xin Zhao, and Jarvan IV Upcoming Nerfs?!

Despite my placement of Vi in Tier 3, it seems RiotMorello disagrees, and declared that Vi is actually getting nerfed soon!
Vi is quickly becoming the worst-kept secret.

The team is going to be touching this next patch Source
On the other hand, in my defense, he received 118 downvotes for his thoughts...

Meanwhile, when a forum go-er asked if J4 and Xin Zhao are receiving similar treatment, Morello declared:
Likely here as well. Source
What?! Okay I guess we might have all seen Xin Zhao coming considering his monster status lately, but Jarvan has always been a skill-reward type champion, which is why people love playing him in the first place. Morello gained -177 downvotes for his thoughts here as well.

Chinese Commando Xin Zhao
Whose side are you on anyway?!

Luckily Diamond player RiotStatikk shot down Morello's thoughts and declared shortly thereafter:
We're not nerfing Jarvan, at least not directly.

In the upcoming patch, we are fixing a bug that was released last patch where his passive is dealing max Health damage against minions and monsters instead of current Health. This is artificially inflating the speed of his clear times and increasing his effectiveness on bigger objectives like Dragon and Baron as well which is an advantage Jarvan simply doesn't need considering all the other things he brings to the table.

Let's be clear though, Season 3 has changed the landscape of the game. Though someone like Jarvan has stayed untouched for a long time and has not been an issue up until this bug, it could be fully possible that a champion needs to be addressed due to other changes that have occurred in the game. Just like some champions have gotten weaker (for example as you guys say Irelia), some have gotten stronger. We need to constantly assess things within the context of the current state of the game (not to say that we don't take into account potential future states of the game in our decisions).

Once again, we're not directly nerfing Jarvan, but we will be monitoring him closely following the upcoming bug fix. Source
What do you guys think? Should these heroes receive a nerf??

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    But no, seriously, I think the fact that this game changes so often is part of what makes it so fun. Let Riot tweak what they think needs tweaking. They've been pretty good about fixing what they break (see also Rengar, Diana, Nami, Syndra).

  2. SSJSuntasticFebruary 13, 2013

    True, usually change always makes things too imbalanced, but Riot does a good job fixing their mistakes.

  3. I think she need tweaks such as (E should be AD ratio or both) and Ult should be more impressive at the use...
    There is something that could make the difference...many options possible!
    Make it a bit more bursty?
    Faster animation to trigger it a bit faster? (kinda animation speed like Syndra ult)

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