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Feb 13, 2013

First Look at Quinn by IronStylus

A few hours ago, RiotIronStylus released our first look at Quinn: I must say, she's not quite what I expected!

Personally I was expecting a much more nerdy looking detective type hero. This one's much cooler looking though! Post your thoughts below!

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  1. a crossbow hero!!! and cool looking,
    think she'll be strong since they're giving out so much information before the champion is released
    looking forward on this one!!!

  2. SSJSuntasticFebruary 13, 2013

    Same here! They're really ramping up the lore this time

  3. Jagex could sue riot, because this looks to much like Armadyl armour from Runescape. Armadyl also is ranged armour. The game it self is terrible but just saying.

  4. I expected her to have more smexy face like vayne or ashe, but oh well the armor is cool!

  5. "She" would be better there I guess, since as far as I am fammiliar with
    Quinn, I believe she's a girl. Correct me if I'm mistaken.

    I am
    pretty disappointed, though, cause the first thoughts of mine were about
    a mage champ, not an ADC... =/ We'll see though, maybe Riot will make
    me happy once more... ^.^

  6. Jakub PaplhamFebruary 14, 2013

    Insta buy

  7. Ashe anyone? She even have a bird with her and a crossbow instead of a bow but...

  8. This is totally what I expected her to be like. Seeing that she would probably be related to Swain. And had to be an adc. A falconeer would seem like an awesome option. which had to result in a 1h weapon. And ashe herself doesn't really future a bird, only had bird like vision etc. worked into her skills.

  9. Feels like a Leona x Swain mix. (don't kill me)

  10. nice, i hope that pet has more leadership than current pets

  11. well if she's being an adc then Lissandra the ice dervish ( expected to be either mage or adc ) should definitely be the next mage champ so don t get disappointed yet XD. I'm sure they will both soon make it to live, well till riot decide to release them.


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