Jan 12, 2013

Final Summoner Showdown Baron Nashor Icons + Shopkeeper Icons Issued

The final round of Baron Nashor Icons and the Shopkeeper icon have been issued. For those of you that speculated you'd need all the other icons to get the shopkeeper icon, you were pretty close!

Officially, you needed 4 of the other icons to get the shopkeeper icon. As for the Baron Nashor icon, they're keeping it just as secretive as when I first posted the hints on how to get it.

Congratulations to those who received their icons, and for those of you who didn't, I'm sure there are even cooler icons Coming Soon! TM

Why aren't you guys using MY icon?!

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  1. Got the baron icon this time. Looks great!

  2. SSJSuntasticJanuary 12, 2013

    Congrats Ted!

  3. Darkble55edJanuary 12, 2013

    Got mine too ^^ Finally, gz dude :)

  4. Never got it, still no clue how. Maybe you need to get a certain amount of Friendly Honors?


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