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Dec 16, 2012

How to Get Holiday Nashor Snowdown Showdown Summoner Icon?

While most of the new summoner icons are straightforward to pick up, the two with the strange criteria have most of the summoners a little puzzled, especially the Holiday Nashor Icon.

Holiday Nashor
"You’ll get this icon for staying off Bad Santa Veigar’s naughty list, and spreading holiday cheer this Snowdown"

While some people have already gotten the icon, others remain in the dark as to how to get this elusive beast.

According to RiotLyte, 
It's not just about avoiding bans and is not directly tied to Honor.

Just be positive in your matches throughout the holidays and you'll have a chance to unlock Santa Baron at the end of Snowdown Showdown as well.
Moreover, he also stated that Riot has no intention of revealing the EXACT method of getting this summoner icon...
We want players to be positive in League of Legends because they are positive people and want to be positive. No matter how hardcore our players are, they still love playing with hardcore positive players instead of hardcore toxic players. 
We want positive players to have a place in League of Legends that doesn't exist anywhere else in online games. Here in League, positive players will often get surprises or perks on a consistent basis just for being who they are and making our community a better place. 
We're not going to give exact details or rules so players can 'fake' it this holiday to try to get the surprise. We want players to learn that they should just be consistently positive in every game they play and if they do, cool things will happen in League. 
Seems like Riot intends to keep us in the dark...luckily I've picked together this FAQ of clues for those of you really intent on getting the icon!


Q: Why do some people have The Icon already?
A: The first wave of players that got the icon first were among the most positive in 2012. However, players who are positive during Snowdown Showdown can also unlock it at the end of the event. (source)

Q: How much $$$ do I have to spend to get the icon?
A: Spending has nothing to do with the Santa Baron. (source)

Q: How much LUK do I need to get the icon? (Yeah that was a Maplestory reference)
A: It has nothing to do with luck. If players are genuinely positive and make the games they are in more positive, they will unlock the icon. However, if players 'think' they are positive but we don't agree... then they won't get the icon. (source)

Q: I've been naughty. Can I still get the icon?
A: Players that 'reform' and become better can definitely still unlock the icon. That's why some players that have been banned a long time ago have gotten the icon already. (source)

Q: So...if I just stay off of Tribunal will I get the icon?
A: Just being average is not the criteria here, you have to go above and beyond and try to make a positive difference in your games. (source)

Q: I didn't get the I a bad person? :(
A: Not getting an icon does not mean you are toxic. In fact, only about 0.7% of players on NA right now are considered toxic. (source)

Q: Great...I didn't get the icon in the first few waves, does this mean I need to play a million games to get it?
A: We've normalized the number of games people play so players have an equal chance to get the icon regardless of them playing 100 games or 1000 games. (source)

Q: Do I get to keep him daddy?
A: Actually, the icon is permanent. Congrats and thanks for playing League! (source)

Good luck getting the icon summoners!

Riot wants to keep you in the darkness? I approve...

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  1. Singed culiaoDecember 16, 2012

    no entendi ni mierda :)

  2. lol i just got it with the patch day.

  3. Then learn English you hippie.

  4. SSJSuntasticDecember 16, 2012

    Juega al juego, consigue icono .. tal vez

  5. I have but i dont how i got it lol im loving it though, really cool.

  6. Q: if i got the icon at the start of the showdown, will i keep it after, or will i have to earn it again to keep it?

  7. SSJSuntasticDecember 16, 2012

    Yes, you get to keep it, updated the FAQ with a link to reflect this :)

  8. me wants it ,, and i have been a good girl but didnt get it :(

  9. Durem FeetkillerDecember 16, 2012

    Badass nocturne doesn't want this kind of shit!
    He is toxic to all, because he doesn't give a fk about behavior!
    PD: got the icon *:*

  10. Got it. And I only play against Bots.

  11. Singed culiaoDecember 17, 2012

    im not a hippie! i just read fast.. becouse of that, cant understand :3

    chupa el pico! :D

  12. If you gift someone something you get it immediately, although the urf rider and nashor are mixed together

  13. SSJSuntasticDecember 21, 2012

    I think that was just a coincidence, I gave all 3 types of gifts and still don't have the nashor icon haha. Thanks for posting though!

  14. SSJSuntasticDecember 21, 2012

    That's pretty crazy haha, I guess you spread joy 4 players at a time (which is more than most I guess)

  15. SSJSuntasticDecember 21, 2012

    Congrats on getting the icon Durem!

  16. SSJSuntasticDecember 21, 2012

    Hope you get it soon Lianne! Keep us updated :)

  17. Check out my video about the icons! :D (Tutorial how to get them)

  18. Hi, regarding to "Q: Great...I didn't get the icon in the first few waves, does this mean I need to play a million games to get it?A: We've normalized the number of games people play so players have an equal chance to get the icon regardless of them playing 100 games or 1000 games."

    Does this mean I have to play atleast 100 games to get this icon? Because I've been on vacation almost the whole snowdown in League of Legends and only managed to play 12 games. Do I have a chance?

  19. SSJSuntasticJanuary 03, 2013

    No, you don't need to play 100 games to get the icon, that was just an example i believe. I know people who have gotten it who aren't level 30 yet and have played less than 100 total.


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