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Jan 7, 2013

1/7 PBE Update: Thresh The Chain Warden Unleashed!

The PBE has just been updated and contains information on the next champion on the League of Legends roster, Thresh The Chain Warden! Guess he doesn't have a big shield and sword after all...He does however have a lantern and a scythe though!

In addition to the release of Thresh, Amumu's ultimate nerf was reverted, Ryze received a buff, and Last Whisper's price was increased.

Thresh Sample Picture

Thresh Lore:
Thresh is a twisted reaper whose hungry chains ensnare the souls of the living. A moment's hesitation at the sight of his ghostly visage and there is no escape. He leaves in his wake hollow corpses, their souls ripped loose and trapped in the sickly green light of his lantern. The Chain Warden takes sadistic joy in tormenting his victims, both before and after their deaths. His grim task is never complete, and he stalks the land for ever more resolute spirits to unravel.

Thresh carves careful, deliberate paths through Valoran. He handpicks his targets individually, devoting his full attention to each soul in turn. He isolates and toys with them, gradually eroding their sanity with his twisted, maddening humor. Once Thresh takes an interest in a soul, he does not relent until he possesses it. He then drags those he captures back to the Shadow Isles for an unimaginably dreadful fate. This is his only purpose.

Little is known about the Chain Warden's past, and many of the details live only in nursery rhymes and campfire tales. They tell of a sadistic jailer from centuries past who took great delight in torturing his wards. Patient and brutal, he used a variety of methods to break his victims' minds before their bodies succumbed to his grisly designs. Chains were the jailer's preferred instruments of terror. Their shrill scrape marked his dreadful approach and promised agony to those he visited. His dark reign went unchallenged until his prisoners escaped during a massive riot. They overwhelmed him, and without ceremony or remorse, hanged him from his own chains. Thus began the unlife of the horrible specter known as Thresh, or so the tales go.

Thresh now haunts the land, leaving an aftermath of horror and despair. However, there is a devious purpose behind his dark machinations, and the meager spirits of average men are insufficient. He seeks stronger souls. Only when he has broken the wills of Valoran's most resilient warriors will he finally have what he needs.
''There are few things as invigorating as taking a mind apart, piece by piece.''
- Thresh
Thresh Abilities
Chain warden can harvest the souls of enemies that die near him, granting him armor, magic resistance and increased base spell damage.

Q: (Shackle)
Thresh Shackle

Passive: Deal 0.5*AD-1 magic damage on each hit that builds up when not attacking.
This value is equal to total souls collected plus up to 80/110/140/170/200% of attack damage, based on the amount of time since his last attack.

Active: Grab an enemy, then pull them to you or leap to them.
Throws out his scythe, dealing 80/110/140/170/200 (+0.5*AP) magic damage to the first unit hit and pulling them toward him for 1.5 seconds.

Reactivate this ability to pull Thresh to the bound enemy.

Cost: 80 Mana
Range: 1075
Cooldown: 18/16.5/15/13.5/12 Seconds

W: (Lantern Toss)
Thresh Lantern Toss
Create a shielding lantern that an ally can use to dash to you.
Throw the Lantern to a point. If an ally near the Lantern clicks it, they pick it up and Thresh pulls both back to him.

Additionally, allies who come near it gain a shield lasting 6 seconds that absorbs up to 60/100/140/180/220 (+0.4*AP) damage. Allies can only receive the shield once per cast.

Cost: 40 Mana
Range: 950
Cooldown: 22/20.5/19/17.5/16 Seconds

E: (Sweep)
Thresh Sweep
Knock nearby enemies in the direction of your choice.
Deals 65/100/135/170/205 (+0.4*AP) magic damage in a line beginning behind him. Enemies hit are pushed in the direction of the swing, then slowed by 20/25/30/35/40% for 1.5 seconds.

Cast forward to push; cast backward to pull.

Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 Mana
Range: 500
Cooldown: 9/9/9/9/9 Seconds

R: (The Box)
Thresh The Box
Trap enemies inside walls that slow and deal damage if broken.
Creates a prison of spectral walls around himself. Enemy Champions who walk through a wall suffer 250/400/450/175 (+1*AP) magic damage and are slowed by 99/50% for 2 seconds, but break that wall.

Once one wall is broken, remaining walls deal half damage and slow duration.

Cost: 100 Mana
Cooldown: 150/140/130 Seconds

Sample Video of Thresh in Game

Sorry it's not in any particular order, first time making a champion video, will do better next time :P

Balance Changes
  • Curse of the sad mummy now prevents attacks during his ult duration again. (Revert)
  • Overload (Q): Now deals 5.5% of his maximum mana in damage, down from 6%. Cost is reduced to 60 at all levels from 60/65/70/75/80 mana.
  • Rune Prison (W): Now does 5% of his maximum mana in damage, up from 4.5%
  • Spell Flux (E): Now does 0.4*AP and 0.4*Mana in damage, up from 0.35 for both.
Last Whisper: NERFED
  • Cost increased to 2400 from 2135 (Recipe cost increased)
Excited for the new champion? How strong do you think he'll be? Comment below!

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  1. So he's a crazy sadistic grim reaper with a bunch of position-based skills and he's an AP.

    Yeah. Instant buy.

  2. SSJSuntasticJanuary 07, 2013

    I agree N, I've got my RP in hand waiting!

  3. Looks like another support/mid?

  4. Looks like a new anoying blitz/kill lane support to me, ap ratios similar to Namis so probably a weak AP especially since his W pretty much isnt usable by himself, except the shield

  5. SSJSuntasticJanuary 08, 2013

    Surprisingly yeah it does seem that way Brent. His range seemed a little on the low side though.

  6. I don't like the ult trapping you in.. AP Bruisers are significantly weaker than, say.. jarvan?

  7. far out. i wish i could play on the pbe and try out new champs. but this guy will defs be a purchase. hopefully he gets a sick skin and ill grab the bundle.

  8. oops i think im in troble...

  9. the ult doesn't trap you in, you can freely walk out

  10. If I get it right the change to Amumu isn't simply a revert, but opens up the use of Summoner Abilities.
    I don't think you can Flash out of his Ult right now, but in this version this should be possible. Maybe even regular abilities can be used, since it simply says you cannot attack and move.

  11. SSJSuntasticJanuary 08, 2013

    Yep Jordan is right, it's more similar to Veigar than Jarvan

  12. SSJSuntasticJanuary 08, 2013

    Hey Jo! Amumu's ult on Live already lets you cast all non-blink spells (that move your character). I don't believe it will let you flash out though, I think it's just a re-wording so it looks more similar to Ryze and Morgana's snares. Thanks for posting =]

  13. Hm. I dont like him. He looks badass but i'm not excited or something but he really fits the meta i think. I just think he is little boring to play he got some strange stupid ulti, sorry Riot. You did a good job let us waiting a long time and then come with this kinda champion.... I actually expected a much bigger and special champion.

  14. Actually he is like a Nautilus 2.0 Ye Riot got no inspiration left...

  15. SSJSuntasticJanuary 08, 2013

    Hi Jelle, I think he'll be more of an offensive version of nautilus, which might actually be kinda fun. His spell-casting hitboxes are also unique, which makes him somewhat different. We'll have to wait and see!

  16. It's support champion, he can do well at mid.
    imho current meta allows him only to play as support
    here's video about AP mid

  17. Tried him as a Top lane AD and went 34/5/3, he's definitely worth buying if he is anything even close to this on release.

  18. This long-ranged support AP type thing's kinda like my type , plus he looks really cool with the ghostly stuff goin on. I'm really into helping out my buddies while kicking some butt in the field. I'm also into those 'additional stat bonus' champs like Nasus , Sion and Veigar although the 'no armor gain per level' would be quite a handicap in return for the cool passive. I'm very excited to get my hands on this hero. I wanna fool around with my lamp and scythe , throwing allies and enemies across the screen. Haha! xD

    Btw , does he lose all the additional bonuses at Death or does he retain these bonuses? Coz that would really be a bummer if he would.

  19. same thing but i went 31/2/8 top attack damage/attack speed

  20. well im sorry to spoil your sorry ass but i like this champ and your a fag cuz i wont see this website again hahhhahaha

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