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Jan 8, 2013

CertainlyT Explains Thresh the "Badass Male Supportive Champion"

Apparently Thresh is indeed the male support champion Ezreal hinted at about a while back and you guys were right with your interpretation of CertainlyT's hint at the next champion! The reason he said that gentleman wouldn't like Thresh is because he indeed looks nothing like a support.

He's more than just a support...he's a

"Total badass [supportive] male champion"

Thresh Concept Art

Here's CertainlyT's massive full post on Thresh:
Hey PBEers, CertainlyT here. I bring a late Snowdown gift for you – our latest champion, Thresh, the Chain Warden. Thresh is here to harvest the souls of Valoran’s greatest champions to fuel the armies of the Shadow Isles.

Thresh is a supportive champion, a total baddass male champion in fact, who brings exceptional crowd control to his team and a very unique form of utility to his allies. If chained properly, he can lock down a single opponent for a delightfully wicked amount of time or trap an entire team of enemies within his cage. Thresh’s strength is the ability to displace his enemies and provide burst mobility to his allies. He has some clear weaknesses: relatively low mobility, skillshot reliance, and a dependence on his team to capitalize on the moments of power he creates.
Beyond support, Thresh can function top lane and jungle. His kit naturally favors being in an environment in which you can interact with your allies, so as a top laner he is most effective at harassing to soften his opponents and then supporting some pretty brutal ganks. As a jungler, he brings enough CC and allied mobility to burn down all but the tankiest opponents (just don’t expect a fast jungle clear).

Thresh’s signature ability is his Lantern, which he can throw out to a location. If an ally right clicks on the Lantern, Thresh will pull the ally to him (the ally is dashed toward him). We’ve had some fun times in playtests pulling Skarner into the midst of the enemy team, giving Vayne an over-the-wall lifeline, and bailing out Gypsylord on Tristana (he always Rocket Jumps in…. always).

I’ll give a brief explanation of the rest of his kit:

Thresh’s passive is a soul collection game. Enemies that die around him sometimes drop souls (the bigger they are, the more probable they are to leave a soul). Thresh gains no mitigation per level; he can only access that through collecting souls to fuel his rise to power.

Thresh’s Q is a skillshot grab that stuns and pulls an enemy a fixed distance toward him. He can reactivate it to pull himself to the enemy.

Thresh’s E is a small directional knock that Thresh has the power to shape the movement on – he can push enemies in a line away, pull enemies in a line toward him, or anything in between. 

Thresh’s ultimate lets him create a prison around him – a set of 5 destructible walls. If an enemy walks through a wall they break a hole for their allies to walk through but take tons of damage and a strong slow themselves.

Here’s the kind of player we hope will find Thresh most fun:

Players who like communicating with their team to build a feeling of cooperation and coordination over the course of a game – Don’t expect to maximize Thresh’s Lantern without putting in the effort to build a rapport with your teammates;

Players who like a high intensity experience – unlike a lot of our supports, Thresh can’t chill in the brush for 30 seconds without paying a substantial cost to his stat progression, is reliant on his basic attack for harassment (a 475 range whip that can deal bonus magic damage!), and has to combine his abilities dynamically, rather than habituating himself to one cast order;
Players who appreciate controlling a lane, a fight, and a game through the threat of their abilities – he has some relatively long cooldowns that are best used judiciously.

Currently, Thresh is in the midst of our live balance passes. Don’t expect this version to be completely balanced… yet. We should have a better understanding of his game presence by the middle of next week (in fact, the build you are playing is a day behind our iteration cycle). Further, the version of Thresh we are putting on PBE is ready for your testing, but he is still being polished. He doesn’t have final icons yet, his skillshot indicators are not yet final, and a couple of particles are temp or not yet fully implemented. Nonetheless, he’s already a lot of fun, so we hope you’ll enjoy helping us to identify any remaining bugs on him. A big thanks in advance to everyone on the PBE who will help us make Thresh the kind of polished release you’ve come to expect! Source
For stats, pictures, video, and details on his skills check out the 1/7 PBE update.

What do you think about this new insight into Thresh? Comment below! 

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  1. Durem FeetkillerJanuary 08, 2013

    mmmm i hope he is good midlaner.. i want to get him, but don't want to support xD
    Maybe they're looking for something like zyra! (Designed to midlane, went mostly support, this one could become a good mid!)

  2. SSJSuntasticJanuary 08, 2013

    Hi durem! I think he'll probably be viable in both jungle and as support, especially since a lot of junglers are support junglers anyway. Good comparison to zyra though!

  3. Arif GökdaşJanuary 08, 2013

    i don't like him but i don't know why, maybe our expectations are too high after vi

  4. SSJSuntasticJanuary 08, 2013

    Hey Arif, maybe they'll have a cute female rocker sing his theme song too! (Probably not...)

  5. here's video about AP mid

  6. Its funny how a lot of people are against support than as soon as you get to the 1400+ elo ranges you bearly get to play support because its so sort after. Once you master supports like this new champ its like getting free elo you can really change a game and help any team mates who might fall behind

  7. Durem FeetkillerJanuary 09, 2013

    I'd like to do that with a midlanner ^_^

    I am not against supports, its just that i like 1v1 mechanic and not relying that much on my random adc

  8. Arif GökdaşJanuary 16, 2013

    something like pentekill thresh!?:D


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