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Dec 1, 2012

FOTM Report: Support Zyra

I still contest Zyra is a huge powerhouse mid-lane and should generally be played as such. However, the community now accepts her fully as a support as well.

Although people have played her as support since her release, it wasn't until M5 started rocking the Kog'Maw + Zyra double death true damage combo until she started catching on as a full fledged support.
Let's talk
- Extremely strong utility and CC
- Engagement/Disengagement/Counter-engagement power is amazing
- Does more damage than most supports late game
- Does decent damage even if she dies

- Build is more expensive
- Not tanky at all
- Skillshot reliant
- No sustain in lane

According to Morello:
"Support as a lane role is any character that can thrive on less gold, and has a strong lane presence "
What about Zyra?

{Passive}: 99+25*level true damage in a line (1500 range)
- This ability requires and scales off nothing but levels.

{Deadly Bloom}
- Her main nuke, generally reserved for mid laning since it doesn't do anything besides damage.

{Rampant Growth}
- Free wards! Sounds support-like to me right? The plants that spawn also have the same durability regardless of any items she has. Also reduces her CDR passively, sweet!

{Grasping Roots}
- This skill is absolutely amazing, and scales with level to increase the root time. Even though the range has been nerfed, it's still pretty decent. The slow plant that you can spawn also has a set base 30% slow.

- Despite the delay on this move, the fact that it's a massive AOE knockup is still amazing.

As you can see from above, many of her skills don't require a large amount of AP to provide the utility we love. While she's even better WITH that AP, she's definitely a very viable support!

What do you guys think about Zyra support? Post below!

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  1. Zyra as support is great.
    You mentioned skillshots above and i prefer skillshots over targetskills. You can use them without having vision on an opponent.

  2. You meant "flavour of last month",eh?


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