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Oct 17, 2012

Twisted Fate Game Update, Rengar Double Jump Removed

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The newest game patch is titled "Twisted Fate Game Update" which is pretty accurate since it appears that there's not much else going on in this patch...

Rengar IS getting his double jump removed though, but I think everyone saw that one coming.

It's all about me me me

Twisted Fate
- Twisted Fate has received a visual upgrade

- Fixed a bug where Fiddlestick's autoattack could be interrupted by Dark Wind

- Fixed a bug where using Devastating Charge on an enemy Tower causes it to redirect aggro onto Hecarim

- Updated Katarina's Lore

- Fixed a bug where Lulu's autoattack could be interrupted by Pix

- Fixed a bug where voidlings could get stuck in walls when using abilities in impassible terrain

- Fixed a bug where Rengar could double jump

- Fixed a bug where Ryze's autoattack could be interrupted by Spell Flux

- Fixed a bug where Syndra could force Monsters to attack each other
- Fixed a tooltip error for Force of Will
- Fixed a bug where stunning an opponent on Dominion could cause a graphical error with the scoreboard

Co-op vs. AI
- Intermediate bots now have a chance to use a random skin (Cool!)

- Attack speed buffs / debuffs will now immediately take effect instead of having to wait for the next autoattack
- Fears will no longer reset jungle minions
- Fixed a bug where Baron Nashor remained "out of combat" when an enemy stealth unit is nearby
- Fixed a bug where in rare instances Champions would not be able to autoattack

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