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Oct 17, 2012

Poll Seventeen Finished, Poll Eighteen Up!

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Poll Seventeen has reached its conclusion with less than a week left on the clock as Season 2 finishes up on October 23rd. I hope most of you are on your way to your target medal goal and the War Hero Janna skin (since 46% of you are aiming for that!)

A new poll is now up on the left hand side for funsies. (Then again, which poll isn't just for funsies?!) "Games Played Other Than LoL?" This is the first one I've put up where you can select more than one choice too...!!! (insert more exclamation points here)

Once again, if you have poll ideas please post them up in the comment section. I wish I got to do the "who will win season 2 championship" poll, but it's a little late for that now...maybe a "who will win S3" poll inc next week :P

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