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Oct 16, 2012

Morello Answers Questions On Season 3 and More!

In a recent Q&A, Morello talked for a mile about the support meta and upcoming Season 3 changes:

Zero CS Supports
Q: Will Season 3 see a rework of the income model and an end of the zero cs gold per five nonsense?
A: No, zero CS is even bigger than this effort from a risk/dificulty standpoint. Supports will still play zero CS (unless you guys find strats that feed supports!)

We are adding a lot of support-oriented items with this in mind, though, and alternate ways to get gold (cool new mastery for supports inc...). I actually don't mind zero CS - I mind that support don't get gold that they can use to buy cool items. That is what we'll fix here.

Zero CS is needed to keep support viable (it's actually always been the optimal way to play, players just didn't have that down pre S2), but they get to do a lot of other interesting things in lane like harass, peel or set up kills. Making the lane fight for CS is inferior to that.

Bring Back CV!
Q: Will CV come back?
A: We want it to - we're doing some summoner spell changes for S3 as well.

Aura Item Changes?
Q: Will the aura items be reworked?
A: Some, probably. I agree here, though we'll likely keep Aura items for a similar reason - they at least feel god on support and tanks, especially if you don't like actives.

What Are Current Rework Priorities?
Q: So I was wondering if Riot is still working on the Kayle rework or is it at least still on the list?
A: Some priorities have changed, as is normal, but right now our rework focus is Karma and Heimerdinger. Might revisit Kayle at another point. None of these will make progress till after Season 3 changes go out.

Halloween Skins?!
Q: Halloween Skins this year?
A: HARROWING :) skins are happening, yes!

Boots Nerfs/Doran Buffs Inc?
Q: On a similar note, are you guys taking a good look at starting items? Lately about 85% of starts I see use Boots of Speed for the high mobility + the sustain from 3 potions. Are basic boots too strong or too inexpensive? Or are Doran's stuff and the rest of the tier 1 items too weak at level 1?
A: Definitely looking at this - we'll be getting away from same starts.

On-Hit Builds?
Q: Can we expect to see more items or changes to existing items that will make attack speed and on-hit builds more viable? (Teemo, Kog'maw, Kayle)
A: Actually yes - we're trying to make that a viable build.

Q: Will Riot ever make a 10v10 map? Would like to see the number of champs in the lanes then.
A: Not if I have anything to say about it - sorry

Any Jungle Changes Happening?
Q: Guess
A: Yes, NerfPlz is awesome and wrote about it here

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  1. lol you're so fun in the last question xD,

    Nice info :)

  2. i wont be able to play league for the longest time. will miss so many changes.. :'(

  3. i want 10v10 maps thats a brilliant idea....


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