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Oct 16, 2012

Tristana + Jungle Changes Incoming, Fiddlesticks and Warwick Happy

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Ever since the jungle was changed months ago to be easy mode, the summoner population has grown accustomed to powerful low gold tanks ruling the sphere. Glass cannon junglers like Master Yi have faded out...but your world is about to change...(Insert exclamation points here)

Assistant Game Designer Statikk has this to say on the jungle:
We've actually been working on changes for the jungle in anticipation for Season 3 and though I can't really give all the details here because we are still iterating, I'd like to give you guys some insights into what's going on. 
There are a multitude of issues we're tackling and they are very much intertwined. The current dominant jungle strategy (GP10 Support / Tanks) is fairly stagnant and the overall current jungle playstyle in many cases severely limits potential strategy and choices in other lanes/roles as well. 
One large problem is that efficient farming of the jungle has very little pay off compared to constantly applying lane pressure by camping / ganking. Overall junglers severely lack in gold unless they successfully gank and snowball the game from the get-go and/or opt for a GP10 strategy. 
The approach we're currently taking is to significantly increase the rewards of jungle camps over time (junglers already have a huge impact on the early game). To go along with this though, we are buffing jungle camps back up to actually be more threatening while simultaneously offering new / improved item paths that allow players to specialize in the jungle. Overall we want junglers to be rewarded for building combat stats rather than always being forced to build gold generation items. 
This is not the only thing we're changing in the jungle for next season, but these types of things are definitely on our radar.

Morello thinks these changes have the following effect:
WW and Fiddles are really happy, just tested both this week 

As for a random Tristana blurb, Solcrushed had this much to say:
I ain't Classick but I can tell you that we finally got to do something for Tris that we wanted to do for a long time. 
You will know what it is when you see it in the next patch 

Personally, I'm expecting a toggle for Tristana's Explosive shot, something they should have implemented years ago...

Yordles rule!

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  1. Hope after this trist ap still viable, she is fun xD


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