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Oct 11, 2012

"Boosters" Banned and Disciplined

Ever since the announcements of the ranked rewards, boosting has been like a plague in ranked queue, with numerous complaints of boosting abound.

However, it looks like Riot has caught on and has banned several players along with issuing a general warning to the public:
We recently announced the Season 2 ranked rewards, and since then we’ve seen occurrences of highly skilled players logging into the accounts of other players and dominating games in order to qualify that account for additional rewards. Some streamers have even been openly advertising these services and engaging in this in front of thousands of viewers. This is unacceptable. We strongly believe that ranked rewards should be fairly earned by the recipients. 
Not only is account sharing against the Terms of Use, and not only does it undermine the spirit of fair play, but it also affects many innocent players who find themselves battling a player whose true Elo is 1000 or more points above theirs. 
Today we’ve issued the following punishments: 
- Two week suspensions for the accounts of a few streamers that we’ve confirmed were engaging in this behavior: robertxlee, Only Jaximus, yangfushang, and dye44.
- Seven day suspensions for the accounts that received Elo boosts from these players. 
These accounts have lost all eligibility for Season 2 rewards and have had their ranked Elo reset to an appropriate level. 
We’re also in the midst of an analysis that will identify other players who have clearly participated in Elo boosting over the past several months. Once the list is finalized we’ll be taking similar action against those accounts.  
The integrity of ranked play is extremely important to us, and to that end we will continue monitoring for these behaviors going forward. Permanent bans will be issued to players who are found engaging in Elo boosting in the future. 
For the vast majority of players who have competed fairly throughout Season 2, you have nothing to worry about. There are twelve days left to earn rewards before the season end date of October 23. Good luck and have fun!
If you wanted a boost you could have just asked your friendly neighborhood Lulu!

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  1. lol, this is so embarrassing,
    i am giving my best to get my own elo..

    i've played with dye44 a few times, so poor of him ^_^

  2. I will personally force ssjsuntastic to make a shoutout for you when out out of elo hell


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