Jul 20, 2012

League of Legends Lobby Cycle by Wowcrendor (LoL Machinima)

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Just saw this video up on reddit by Wowcrendor (HILARIOUS videos, check him out sometime if you like this one)

Reflecting on this video, it's amazing how much of the same phrases come up among people no matter if they've ever seen them before. One person I know came up to me one day and said "This guy was pissing me off so I started feeding on purpose". 

My first thought was "Ah, so this is what they look like"

Anyway, an important take away from this video is that we all deal with the same solo queue nonsense all the time. The important thing is to minimize our "tilt" time as you see him go to at the end of the game.

Wise words of Aphromoo. "It's solo queue, shit happens."


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