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Jul 23, 2012

Morello Says Correlation Between Trash Talking + Losing

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In a recent Red post by Morello, he stated that there's a very high correlation between trash-talking and losing a game.

Original Post:
The data supports this. In all the chat logs we read and see, there's a greater correlation of loss between trash-talking teams and losing. 
When you yell at your team, you're causing the loss. Basically, there's no reason or excuse to be a ******.

When in doubt, backspace it out! Of course I'm not saying you should never rage, that'd just be unreasonable. Just remember that it does decrease your chances of winning though. Better get a smurf account and let it all out there!


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1 comment:

  1. I just wait until the score is pretty bad, then i get THE DAMN FUCKING MAYUS ON AND RAGE THEM ALL MOTHERFUCKASSSSS!

    Then i get calm, realize that just lost 100 elo, i can't win a game, and play again :P...

    Before that, be a good person

    PD: I don't understand why some people rages against their team in all chat, it's so stupid, there is no sense laughing with the enemy about a bad ally performance


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