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Jul 14, 2012

Morello Declares 2 Supports A Year

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In a recent Red Post by King Morello, he decreed that only two new supports shall be admitted upon the fields of justice each year as enforced by law. He has also declared that the voice of the people yearn for DPS champions, and thus the focus shall be on destruction, rather than aiding others.

King Morello has spoken.

Another repeat, 2 supports a year is my goal, there will always be more of other types because a lot more people want to do DPS than want to support.  
Might not like that answer, but it's true 
The King has spoken.

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  1. Hate this. As a support player for my team, not having the same amount of possiblities as my other teammates, and with the increasing number of champions being released this year alone, two a year seems like an awfully low number. If they continue at this rate, they will release around 20+ champions this year, two of which being support. Sad day for us dedicated support players.


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