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May 9, 2012

Tip for People With Friends Spectating

This tip might be obvious to some of you, but I've found it super helpful:

If you have friends spectating your game, they're running on a 3 minute delay. This means that wards will expire before they see them put up, and unless the jungler is high, spectators won't be able to you warn that they're coming.

However, they can still give you a big advantage to the game in this way:

Objective Control

3 minutes is plenty of time for your spectator to warn you exactly when Dragon, Baron, or even Red/Blue buffs are up. For a recap on jungle respawn times, they're all available here.

There's also a rewind button that's extremely fast and efficient on spectator mode, so it's really no problem for your friend to just flip backwards the scroll bar and tell you,
"They secretly killed dragon at 12:05, respawning at 18:05"
"They killed their blue at 10:23, respawning in 2 min, drop a ward now" 
Good luck on the field summoners!

Now you see me, now you don't!

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  1. i thought about that... but isn't it kind of cheating? It's pretty unfair, and I wouldn't openly suggest such behavior that would give an unfair advantage to one team...

  2. Only asshats do this, and giving people tips on it is as well an exercise in asshattery. Don't do it.

  3. It's either that or they continously whisper you all the things you did wrong 3 minutes ago :P

    But yes, it's a little unfair and Riot should probably change the delay to 7 minutes, if not 5.

  4. Well, IF you get a slave to do that, good for you.
    I'm not really sure plenty of people will utilize that.

  5. No, i don't like it, a friend did it with me, i didn't ask him to, and it wasn't the big adventage... If you need another person to win a game, you're doing it wrong xD...
    Also riot meaby shouldn't let the spectators talk with the players, it has no too much sense, ask him something? Say him good job? Blame Him? No.. i don't see why a spectator should talk to a player

  6. "It's either that or they continously whisper you all the things you did wrong 3 minutes ago :P"

    Lol, I have noticed I turn into a terrible back seat gamer when I spectate!


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