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May 8, 2012

First Impressions on Varus

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Day one of League of Legends with the new AD carry Varus:

So far I've played two games against Varus, one game with Varus, and one game as Varus (on my friend's account). He's surprisingly easy to control, I figured his nuke would be a bit more difficult to aim and fire. Personally I just counted to 3 and then shot it for the most part to make sure to maximize its effects but not let it time out. Just like any other AD carry, be sure to focus more on autoattacks during teamfights and save your arrow for poking/sniping at the end.

His ultimate is absolutely ridiculous. It looked a little slow at first, but with a good AOE comp, Varus is pretty much like an improved Ashe with his ultimate in terms of initiation. The range is shorter than it seems though, and I definitely saw a ton of whiffs on Varus ult.

Compared to other AD carries:
  • In terms of power I'd give him an A. Combined with a Soraka in lane, his poke is intense and extremely powerful.
  • In terms of survivability, I'd give him a C. No escape mechanisms puts him on the same level as Kog, and the fact that his slow is harder to use as a chokepoint makes him easier to kill. He also has the whole slow thing for his arrow.
  • In terms of utility, I'd give him an A. That ult is a little low in range, but as a secondary follow-up CC, it's exceedingly powerful. 
I also saw jungle Varus once today, and unsurprisingly, it was pretty unimpressive. Be wary though, he still dishes a decent amount of damage, but his clear-times and matchups in the jungle are very poor.

At the moment I'd probably just ban him rather than play against him in ranked, simply because he's difficult to deal with when he's with Soraka, especially since his blight stacks are very sneaky in terms of damage. His skill level isn't all that high either, so almost any Ashe player can easily pick up Varus and do well with him. The only difference is the much smaller range on his ultimate.

What do you guys think about the new hero? Comment below!

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1 comment:

  1. The best hero ever XD !!

    I've got 30 kills with a little bit deaths !


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