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Feb 3, 2012

Triple Doran + Wriggles Build?


EU + Chaox Say Wriggles is Good
If you've been watching the Kiev and Kings of Europe tournament lately, you'll notice that a lot of the AD carries from EU have been running with 3 Doran's Blades and then Wriggles Lantern.

Moscow 5 even goes a step further and builds a Phantom Dancer directly after, which violates our American Bloodthirster + Infinity Edge ideas.

How does it pan out by the numbers though? Chaox from TSM mentioned that he "did the numbers" and that the wriggles + doran blade build is indeed stronger than an early bloodthirster or infinity edge rush.

Skeptics Say Wriggles is Bad
Skeptics however, say that the numbers are far too complicated for simple calculations. They also say that while the build might give you a large early and mid-game advantage, it falls off late game. 

On the other hand, with the way the game "snowballs" from early leads in the current metagame, it seems to me that an early and mid-game advantage is exactly what you should be looking for to secure victories.

So What Should We Build?
Honestly, the differences between the builds won't make a huge difference unless you're playing against an opponent of nearly equal skill to you. If you'd like to build tankier and clear waves faster, then the dorans + wriggles build is perfect for you. Whether you go Infinity Edge or Phantom Dancer afterwards depends on if your hero gains something from multiple attacks like Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, or Kennen.

If you prefer burst damage and have faith that your defensive line can keep the enemy bruisers from tearing you apart, then Infinity Edge + Zeal + Last Whisper is the way to go.

For the classic in-between build with high sustain and medium burst, last month's FOTM, Bloodthister + Zeal + Infinity Edge is probably your build of choice.

Meanwhile, several pro gamers have been experimenting with other builds, such as Warmog + Atmas on the AD carries. This build, while effective, does lend itself to prolonged teamfights and chasing, which means that it really only works well on Sivir, Vayne, and possibly Ashe.

Either way, it seems like the AD carry build has evolved far beyond last year's simple Infinity Edge + Last Whisper build.

What do you guys think? Comment Below!

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  1. i personally play support, but my ad carry has been trying different things lately, like ad kennen or even nidalee. on these champs he builds wriggles into phantom dancer. it seems to work fine for him (we win most botlanes), but what i find even better about this new meta: it gives me as a supporter more freedom of choice in what i play. i don't have to go for the classic healer-supports, janna works very well, but i could go nunu or even ryze....

  2. i think dorans + wriggles is really good if you have some advantage (like a early kill/assist) but not only good in lane but good for early dragon/baron...

    I gonna try this :)


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