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Feb 4, 2012

Boots of Mobility on Mid-Lane APs?

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Who Uses Mobo Boots?
Classically, only stealth characters like Eve, Twitch, and Shaco buy Boots of Mobility to increase their ganking power. However, recent FOTM has also given Sion Boots of Mobility to increase his roaming and ganking potentital as well.

Why Get Mobos?
The reason for getting boots of mobility is that they allow Sion to quickly run to wraiths or gank top/bottom after pushing mid lane's creep wave in.

Can this apply to other heroes as well? I believe it can. Any hero that has a low CD/mana burst that lets you push in your wave quickly should also synergize well with boots of mobility. In solo queue, this lends itself to increasing your total gold (from jungle creeps) as well as providing you with a stronger control over the other two lanes with your roaming abilities.

These shoes were made for gankin'!

Late Game Mobos
Later in the game when more teamfights break out, you might decide to swap out your boots of mobility for some more classical choices like spellpen or tenacity boots.

Heroes I've tried with boots of mobility that were a great success:
  • Sion (naturally)
  • Ziggs (gets in position faster with his ultimate to gank side lanes)
  • Brand (easier to start the combo)
  • Ryze (small range, big burst)
  • Viktor (small range, easier to land his skills)
  • Janna (same strategies)
Try it out and let me know what you think!

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  1. i sometimes use Mobos for jungle elise...for faster roaming in jungle


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