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Feb 3, 2012

CLG.EU VS M5 in Kings of Europe Finals

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Here's the video footage of the epic finale to the King's of Europe tournament! I'm actually watching it right now, so I'll post up some thoughts and such on it afterwards.

Game 1:
CLG.EU Bans: Ryze, Morgana, Gangplank
M5 Bans: Rammus, Alistar, Cassiopeia

CLG Picks: Sivir, Maokai, Soraka, Irelia, Anivia
M5 Picks: Shyvana, Sona, Miss Fortune, Dr. Mundo, Galio

1:03:00 Epic Blue Battle
1:04:00 Best Anivia Snipe
1:18:50 Longest Dragon Battle Ever
1:22:25 Forced Baron

Lessons this Game:
- Warding your own jungle early is crucial to stop counterjungling
- Even when you're taking your own blue buff, it's best to bring at least 3 members of the team with you (and keep track of the timers)
- Lots of ADs are running 3 Dorans + Wriggles now, even CLG's Sivir went for this build.

CLG.EU with an extremely impressive showing this game,
Can't wait to see the other 2 games. Too sleepy now though! Will update tomorrow.

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