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Feb 4, 2012

Morello Says Warwick Receiving Buff Soon

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Everyone knows Warwick's jungling is criminally slow with painfully ineffective ganks until level 6. However, it seems like our cries do not fall upon deaf ears. 

After the surprise buff on Ashe and the continuous work on Karma, Riot's announced that little Warwick shall not be left in the dust after all.

Morello (Lead Champion Designer) has the following to say:
"We're actually doing some tweaks to give him a bit more damage and a little less sustain. This will increase his threat and jungle clear times, but make him a bit less of a meatbag early game."
"Probably W or passive. These aren't major changes, just tweaks that generally speed up his jungle times and make him slightly more threatening."
"Mostly in his early damage, so while still a slower-than-AOE jungler, not criminally slow like now (kill creeps faster via damage)."

"We're not doing massive overhauls or reworks here, just balance updates with this goal in mind."
Taken from the NA Forums

It's been a while!

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