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Jan 25, 2012

Ziggs, Hexplosives Expert - Possible Techies Import?


EDITHis skillset has been released here, and new wallpapers are available here!

If you haven't seen already (I'm posting this late since it really didn't say much in the announcement) Riot's new champion in development is called "Ziggs, the Hexsplosives Expert". He'll be a brand new "Yordle Scum as TheOddOne would put it, but he has the potential to be a very interesting and frustrating champion if his description gives anything away.
Naturally, mysterious, bomb-like blueprints like these are no laughing matter outside the hands of a trained professional. Trained, furry, little hands like those belonging to Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert. This turbulent technician with a propensity for pyrotechnics should satisfy all your yordle wants and needs!

Honestly it still doesn't say much about the hero's actual skills or role, but my first inclination towards this description (which I'm sure many people had) was that his skillset might possible be something like Techies from DOTA.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Techies, basically he's a DOTA hero that lays invisible explosive mines everywhere. He had two different damaging bombs, one that blew up on contact and one that he could globally trigger (when he was alive). He also had an invisible stun trap and the ability to suicide himself into opponents for massive AOE damage.

The Art Spotlight for Ziggs was recently released as well!

EDIT: Based on the art spotlight, it appears Ziggs will probably be a ranged bomb throwing AP carry of some sort instead of a mine-layer. Oh well! Still looks like a pretty interesting champion!

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  1. I highly doubt similarities to Techies, considering how annoying to play against early on he was.

  2. If he's like techies it'll make him a nightmare to balance...I sure hope he is though, that'd be awesomeeeeee I'd buy him with RP on release day with all the skins lol

  3. why buy with rp when you can save up the ip with the time they release him and buy an rp skin

  4. you get the skins and him cheaper then you would seperatly i beleive

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