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Jan 24, 2012

New AI-Mode Update! (About time!)

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For those of you like myself who enjoy playing AI mode once in a while, you'll be pleased to know that Riot's finally done a massive update to the AI mode!
We’re pleased to announce that the latest update to our Co-op vs. AI game mode will be arriving soon, featuring an onslaught of brand new bots. We’ll be expanding our roster of AI opponents to 40 total bots, providing a much larger variety of enemy team compositions. That means new tanks, new mages, new carries and new support champions to battle when you take to the Field of Justice alongside your friends in the Co-op vs. AI game mode!

In addition to a veritable army of new opponents, we’ve also upgraded the bots with more intelligent behavior. You’ll find that the bots not only have better map awareness and team coordination, but can also now deploy skillshots and use activatable items. And what’s more, we’ve made each and every one of them available on both Summoner’s Rift and – for the first time ever – Dominion! 
Whether you’re looking to test new champions, tactics, or builds, this legion of new bots will provide an excellent training ground to hone your skills! 
For a full rundown on exactly what you can expect from the new and improved Co-op vs. AI experience, check out the video below! - Deathstryker78
Full list of new bots located here (It keeps going down for some reason, so I'll just list them out here:)

AmumuGravesMiss FortuneSoraka
GalioMalphiteSivirXin Zhao

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