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Jan 9, 2012

Season 2 Week 7 Champion Rotation


I can see the light!

Hello there summoners! Moneypenny just released the new champion rotation as listed below. Highlighted champions are champions I think are rarely seen in the rotation or simply high in IP value!

Amumu - 1350 IP tank with an AOE snare
Gangplank - 3150 IP tanky DPS with one of the few remaining global AOE ultimates left in the game. He's arguably the best top laner at the moment.
Heimerdinger - 3150 IP kind of a gimmicky hero. Good Heimers are good, bad ones are super bad. He has the ability to push lanes very hard and can also jungle as well. Traditionally people don't think he's a good hero, but in the right hands he can be devastating. These hands are just far and few in between.
Kog'Maw - 6300 IP AD carry. He can be built as a traditional AD carry or as an attack speed carry. He has very good scaling with his abilities into late game and has the longest attack range of all of them with all his skills activated. However, he has no escape mechanism other than a slow, which is why he's not considered quite as strong as the other AD carries in solo queue.
Nasus - 1350 IP Bruiser. If you can last hit really well, Nasus has the potential to be the strongest bruiser in the game offensively.
Pantheon - 3150 IP Spartan Warrior. He's extremely strong in solo lanes, has the ability to jungle, and is overall very fun to play. He does however drop off late game.
Singed - 1350 IP tank. Very fun to play, extremely tanky and easy to farm with.
Sivir - 450 IP AD Carry. After her recent buffs, she might be in the top 3 AD Carries at the moment.
Taric - 1350 IP support hero, he's like Alistar's little sibling. He's easier to use than Alistar, but he's not as rewarding. He does however, have one of the best taunts in the game.
Viktor - 6300 IP new champion. Very unique spell set, people have been playing him mostly as a mid AP caster.

I already have all these champs, so I can't say I'll be playing any one in particular this week.

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  1. mmm, I disagree, Gangplank is every 3 rotations or so. Despite that the rotation is quite good, but the only one I'm gonna use is Nasus, 'cause I don't have it and it's quite funny. I have almost the rest of them, so...

    And Heimerdinger is quite good pushing, and you can avoid ganks quite well, and the misiles you throw deal so much damage, but he needs a buff ir the range of the turrets and in the ulti, 'cause the ulti is, for me, the worst ulti ever.

  2. the range of the misiles is already huge.. if you buff that he reaches other side of the map lol

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