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Jan 10, 2012

Lunar Skins Released + Viktor Changes 1/10/12

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As promised, the Lunar skins have been released and are available in store NOW for 975 RP a piece. They aren't marked as limited edition, so they'll be available after the holiday's done!

Meanwhile, to accompany the skin is a minor patch: Viktor is sporting a bunch of new tweaks according to ricklessabandon:
hey everyone, in case this hasn't been messaged elsewhere (it's 4:30am so i don't really want to search) here are the gameplay changes that accompanied the lunar revel content.
-base mana regen per 5 seconds increased to 6.9 from 4.3
-basic attack frame has been improved to be more responsive
-fixed a bug with chaos storm where the opposing viktor could control your storm
-fixed a bug where gravity field's stun effect could not be cleansed
-improved death ray to be more responsive
-fixed a bug where viktor's augments displayed a cost of 1200g instead of 1000g
Original post found here

As you can see, Talon's got all his particle animations changed slightly.

Sona doesn't appear to have anything different besides her model. Her in-game sounds are different though! (thanks to the comment!)

Wukong's ult has a recolor on his AWESOME recolor. His gloves also glow green in-game!

Lee Sin's Q shoots out little fireworks when he lands

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  1. Sona contentiously plays oriental-type music. Activating her abilities are also different sounds.


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