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Jan 9, 2012

Viktor Getting Tiny Buff + Thoughts on Him

Fear me! Maybe...

So it's been a two weeks since Viktor's release and I haven't seen much of him. I've tried him twice, once when I got fed and once when I was doing the feeding. I've seen one good Viktor and a bunch of bad ones, but honestly I feel like he's a strong champion that's overshadowed by even stronger ones. Against average AP heroes like Brand or Annie he has comparable power, but against the FOTM anti-spellcasters he's definitely a little lacking.

His Deathray is extremely powerful, and Augment: Death is almost certainly going to be your upgrade of choice for your unique item. His ray's a little hard to aim, but I'm all for heroes that are good only after some practice. Enough of the facerolling!

Riot's Official Stance on Viktor:
We do have a couple of bugfixes and a buff to his base mana regen (tentatively) scheduled for next patch. 
I still think he's pretty stronk <3
- Phreak posted here

What are your thoughts on Viktor after 2 weeks? Post below!

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  1. I always get the range on gravity field, you simply need the extra range on his w in order to get any poke off, and works as an amazing initiate/flash burner

  2. Oh interesting, I'll have to try that sometime! :)

  3. dem support viktor's.. op stun.. =X btw they need to fix his tooltips// i mean i don't mind having a free ward with his e though =X

  4. They'll most likely fix the tooltips in the next patch according to Phreak ~

  5. Viktor was Riot's way of saying "We're sorry for Graves, so here is a champion that does absolutely no damage." ;)


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