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Jan 22, 2012

Reginald + Chaox Didn't use Super Secret Strategy?! + Random Lee Sin Vid

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Unfortunately, as you know by now, TSM lost to Moscow 5 in the tournament finals at Kiev. However, I'm sure they've learned plenty, and will improve as they begin playing ranked 5s on the European servers from now forward.

On the other hand, I can't help but feel that we as viewers got a little gipped. Reginald and Chaox both spoke of super secret heroes that they would play against Moscow 5, but we didn't see them, even in the 3rd game of the series. Instead, they chose to go with their common mains with Reginald on Cassiopeia/Karthus and Chaox on Sivir/Graves.

There was some gossip about what their "super secret" heroes were, like Reginald playing AP Janna. Personally, I thought that with their recent games that they've been practicing in solo queue, we might see a switch-up with something like:
TheOddOne: Support Janna
TheRainMan: Corki AD Carry
Reginald: Jungle Shaco
Chaox: Tryndamere Top
Xpecial: Ahri Mid.
Now that would have been the mind-boggle of the century! Alas, it didn't happen.

Maybe they'll pull out some crazy strategy next tournament instead.

Meanwhile, I'm back in the saddle and playing some Lee Sin! Here's a recent video that I recorded out of boredom (Some of you probably already saw it on my Twitter)

Boom, headshot!

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