Jan 22, 2012

IEM Kiev Final M5 VS TSM Game 1

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Pre-Game Quotes:
Interviewer: Genja, who are you guys going to be
targetting during the finals?
M5 Genja: See hero. Kill hero.
"M5 better make it so we can crush their boyband butt off the stage." - Chaox
We're only scrimming TSM to get page views - M5
Game Summary:
TSM Bans: Ryze, Gangplank, Nunu
M5 Bans: Rammus, Leblanc, Karthus

TSM Picks: Sona, Irelia, Graves, Cassiopeia, Skarner
M5 Picks: Shyvana (Top), Taric, Kog'Maw, Lee Sin (Jungle), Galio

M5 invades to TSM's blue, but doesn't take it, TPs back and takes their own blue.

TSM starts at their own red side.

Lee Sin ganks bot, Sona flashes out. (Level 3)

Skarner feeds Cassiopeia early blue.

Cassiopeia flashes and nearly kills Galio (6)

Lee Sin ganks bot again (Level 6) Skarner counter ganks, nobody dies.

(9:25) Galio grabs blue buff. Shyvana (Top) comes down to steal TSM wolves and TSM blue.
Cassiopeia (FB), Irelia, and Galio die.. Shyvana keeps Blue.

(11:00) Galio teleports bot, kills Graves. M5 takes free dragon.

(14:00) Lee Sin steals TSM red buff

(14:25) Shyvana steals TSM blue buff
Lee sin dies, TheRainMan pulls off an amazing escape from Galio by using his Q on Lee Sin.

(17:40) M5 engages on dragon, poke fight resumes.
(18:25) TSM steals dragon, Skarner dies, Cassiopeia dies, Irelia dies. Graves has a late death.

(19:45) Shyvana tries to steal blue again, Skarner stops him.

(22:25) Shyvana kills top turret and Irelia
(22:45) Galio nearly kills Cassiopeia, Cassiopeia manages to dodge his last nuke with flash.

(21:24) Bot tower goes down. Shyvana takes top inner turret.

(24:20) M5 tries tot ake mid tower, Skarner flash ultis Kog'maw, Sona ults him, kills Kog'maw, TSm takes Dragon.

(25:18) Shyvana steals blue buff for the 3rd time, then starts Baron. Galio catches Skarner and Irelia in ult, Skarner dies.

Galio + Taric die, M5 takes Baron.

(26:00) Cassiopeia hides in bush, kills Kog'maw, Cass kills Kog, Kog kills Cass with passive.
Skarner pulls Shyvana into Graves, Shyvana kills Graves and then runs away.

(29:10) Teamfight breaks out bot, Skarner dies, Irelia dies, Shyvana dies, Sona dies, Taric dies, Graves dies, Cassiopeia dies. M5 takes bot inner turret.

(30:50) M5 tries to steal TSM blue buff, Cassiopeia picks it up. M5 goes to pick up dragon for free.

(32:30) M5 takes mid inner turret.
(33:18) M5 takes Baron instantly

(35:30) Skarner flashes in with his ult, Galio counter flashes with his ult, aces TSM and finishes the game.

What a game! M5 looking VERY strong right now, Darian, the biggest TSM troller on M5 looking exceedingly dominant right now.

Looks like TSM need to ban Shyvana!

Unfortunately I'm going to be driving back to school right now so I'll miss the next two games :( enjoy the games guys!

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