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Jan 23, 2012

Saintvicious Trolls TSM, Reginald Isn't Happy

Despite TSM and SK Gaming giving Moscow 5 immense credit for their fierce playstyle in IEM Kiev, CLG Saintvicious remains unimpressed, stating the following on Reddit:
eh.... aggressive counter-jungling takes advantage of weak junglers and weak lane picks.
Moscow 5 took advantage of rain mans weak top lane performance/picks as well as oddones poor adaptability. I was really disappointed in how oddone played and I thought he would adapt better. Moscow 5 knows how to group and plays well in that sense but I think the aggressive counter jungling strat is extremely flawed and would not work against a solid jungler/top lane. CLG EU has shown this with their consistant wins vs moscow 5 in scrims.

As a retort, Reginald posted the following on the TSM website (excerpt)
While Saintvicious and TheOddOne do have an intense rivalry, there is a limit. As a team, we acknowledge our own mistakes and work to address them, but Saint's comments on a public forum are ones stemming from arrogance and are of no reasonable value. This isn't the first time, after MLG Providece, HotshotGG posted on Reddit stating, "my hero repertoire hard counters their Yorick, I know it wouldn't have been a problem for me." Instead of congratulating TheRainMan on his impressive play at MLG, he instead claims that if it were him there, there would simply be no contest between the two. 
Though Saintvicious claims that "he speaks from a long line of experience," CLG has not won a single LAN tournament with their full roster since WCG 2010, including a 0-2 loss to MiG in the recent Korean tournament in which CLG was the only western team present. CLG speaks with authority, but lacks the force to back it up and it has been showing with their recent slump resulting in the departure of long-time member, Elementz. 
Moscow 5 played amazing at IntelEM Kiev, impressing everyone and garnering the attention of hundreds of thousands worldwide. Despite such an impressive play, CLG's only comment are that they will never become a top tier team and that had CLG been there, it would have been a victory for CLG. This is not the attitude that any team should take in regards to upcoming superstars. CLG should show a bit more respect to any team that are not themselves and work on their own play instead of criticizing every other team's.

On stream, it seems like TheOddOne and SV have a friendly rivalry, and we all know HotshotGG thinks he's the best in the world. On the other hand, this is not the first incident that CLG and TSM have shown themselves butting heads, especially after Chaox and HotshotGG their little falling out after Canada lost in the WCG 2011 games.

It's also interesting to see that Reginald mentions Elementz as a reason for why CLG has been slumping lately.

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  1. Being completely honest, Rain Man was AWFUL. Also, fail Irelia pick in the 3rd match. No sense or reason there.

    Also we will see whether or not M5 will be superstars. Seemingly unstoppable teams in the past in one tournament sucked in next one. And another.

  2. Contrary to others' beliefs, TRM had the highest K/D/A of the final match. Yes they picked badly the third match, even after seeing how they could just completely stop M5 with their picks during game 2. It was a good show for the first two games, and honestly TRM gets a lot of undeserved shit.

  3. Well the Rain man pick was not his fault this game is in team was all the team desition all the picks so dont blame rain man

  4. While HotshotGG has an incdibly large amount of skill, surpassed only in size by maybe his ego, The Rain Man is literally the only reason TSM ever loses games. He rages his team during scrims, feeds, is extremely susceptible to being ganked, and failed hardcore at IEM Kiev. Oddone did not adapt well at all to M5's counter jungling strategy, which he knew well from their scrims. Saint had a valid point in everything he said. We must also take into consideration that Saint even points out his own teammates mistakes, as well as his own personally. He's merely a critic

  5. I don't think people still understand how M5 won those games. Sure they did well in team fights and had great counters. However, the reason the won is because they were able to completely control the map over the rest of the other teams. The only time they lost is because they failed to control the map. It wasn't because TSM snowballed. It was because TSM was allowed to get into their jungle and keep their own jungle. They kept Dar1en top, and their jungle was simply unable to get anything going because of the control.

    I don't see what people don't see that. The Irelia pick was a good counter to Shyvana, however it wasn't a pick for the team. It was a pick for TRM, who played his lane horrendously. He got almost no ward coverage the entire game. The only ward he got was for his tribush after their jungle has been stolen.

    The job of the top lane is not only just to afk farm. Unfortunately TRM failed on his job, and M5 was able to take advantage of not only that, but OddOne's play and Reginald's ego were taken advantage of. The entire jungle game is about knowing the Jungle timers and when to gank efficiently. OddOne got almost no wards so he lost timers on his jungle and was either at base or in a bush while they were taking his jungle. There was also very few wards from Reginald, because of his lane dominance in the second game. He let his ego get in the way (if you watch him you know what I am talking about).

    TL;DR TRM's Irelia pick, OddOnes lack of jungle control, and Reginald's ego lost them the game. It wasn't picks.

  6. As far as other teams being able to criticize them. They lost, and are open for criticism thus the counterpart of being a professional gamer. Regi is defending his team, and doesn't want it to fall apart due to published drama. However, Saintvicious is merely telling the world that if it wasn't for TSM's terrible play M5 would be another dignitas.

  7. people defending saintvicious are obviously his stream fan boys. what you guys don't understand is they're "criticizing" without having a right no. absolutely none. they speak so greatly after coming home from a defeat to MiG. they are in no shape to talk the talk theyre talking. absolutely none. hotshot doesnt have even close to the skill that he or a lot of his groupies may think he does. hes a smart player, ill give him that much. he needs to respect his fellow gamers around the world and get his head out of the clouds. you're no where near the top.

  8. ^^ They have no right to talk? They can say whatever they want dude. Personally, I don't agree with what Saint said, but I could see why he said it. I don't see the part where he was disrespectful either. He's just giving his honest opinion, what's wrong with that? He didn't say he thought TSM was terrible, he didn't say they were bad. Just because Regi made a rebuttle/possibly took it offensive, doesn't mean it really is. I mean heck, if he can make a 30 minute fight with xpecial because he merely stated,"that was dumb" I don't really think you should take his view for granted.

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