Jan 8, 2012

Chinese New Year Skins: Guqin Sona, Dragonblade Talon, Jade Dragon Wukong, Dragon Fist Lee Sin

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So I'm not the coolest Chinese New Year skin anymore? :(

EDIT: Looks like I was wrong! They were released on 1/10/12 and the splash art is exactly the same! YAY :)

Good afternoon summoners, it appears that the Chinese LoL client has some unreleased skins for Lee Sin, Sona, Wukong, and Talon. Chances are that the same skins will also be available on the American client, but the splash art won't look nearly as cool. The in-game models should be the same though! Enough text. Check out the releases below!

They'll most likely be released publicly around January 23rd (Chinese New Year)

(Click for enlarged versions)

Dragon Fist Lee Sin

Jade Dragon Wukong

Guqin Sona

Dragonblade Talon

In-game Lee Sin
In-game Sona
In-Game Talon
Also in-game Talon

Original thread found here, but the images are from 178.com, a Chinese gaming website.

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