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Jan 6, 2012

Legacy Winter Skins Done 1/10/12

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Now you see me now, then you won't!

Official Red Post by Moneypenny:
We wanted to pass along a friendly, holiday reminder that our Snowdown Showdown skins are going to be leaving the League of Legends Store soon to become Legacy Skins. If you’d like to get ahold of these amazing seasonal skins for Heimerdinger, Maokai, Gangplank and LeBlanc before they go into the vault, be sure to make your purchase before the stroke of midnight Pacific Time on Tuesday the 10th of January!
Looks like the Caitlyn and the Kennen skins won't be limited/legacy! (Not that they were ever meant to be, just saying that for a little clarification.)

Also, for clarification, since they're "Legacy" and not "Limited Edition" they might be back next winter, but the chances are they're more likely to re-release some of the older Christmas skins.

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