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Jan 7, 2012

Possible Loyalty Program for Buying lots of RP?

Loyalty to the Crown Shall not go unrewarded!

As we all know, those little tiny microtransactions for a skin or two add up in the end to amounts we'd never believe possible for a free game. I've personally paid more than I have for any other game including World of Warcraft (first 4 expansions + a few 60 day cards). So what do we get out of it besides "bragging rights" and having a ton of heroes and awesome skins?

Apparently Riot's been working on a loyalty program (release date unknown) but according to this Red Post from the EU program duplicated below, there's something in the works:

Nope, that's not true, but we ARE working on a loyalty program which will reward summoners who've supported us by buying a lot of RP
German Community Coordinator

Looks like sometime in the future us silly spenders might be rewarded for our loose wallets! Also, in case you're wondering how much you've spent so far, a simple submission to the Riot support team will give you the answers you seek!

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  1. There's totally a tab in the store to see how much you've spent :P No need to send riot a ticket.

  2. The Purchases tab in the store only shows the information for the last 30 days. I think if you want a total of everything you've spent you still have to send them a ticket :) Definitely didn't know about that tab either way though, thanks for the heads up!

  3. There's totally a tab in the store to see how much you've spent :P <- It was true for few months ago, when you could check your RP bought for all time; then like week later they changed it to the last 30 days, so people wouldn't get discouraged after seeing they've spent 300$.


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