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Jan 6, 2012

Strongest Positions Based on Top ELO

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To be the best you must play like the best

Interested in what positions are the best to ascend to the top of the ELO ladder? Well let's check out the top 25 on the current solo queue ladder and work out some deductions from there. Since doublelift and chaox both have a smurf in the top 25, we'll extend the list to the top 27 positions in solo queue instead:

Chaox - AD Carry
Xpecial - AP Mid
ReginaId - AP Mid
Kramer121 - AP Mid
Xmithie - Jungle/AP Mid
MakNooN - Solo Mid/Top
Saruan - AP Mid/AD Carry
v8 Aphromoo - AD Carry
scarra - AP Mid
SilSol - Solo Top
BloodWater - Support
paroL - AD Carry
Doublelift - AD Carry
bebeisadog - AD Carry
Dyrus - Solo Top
Crs Pobelter - Solo Top
CruxBonder - AD Carry
Shan Huang * - AD Carry
Triplelift * - AD Carry
bigfatlp - AP Mid
MiSTakElolz - AD Carry
Jigaflow - AD Carry
Crs Cop - AD Carry
I Will Dominate - Jungle
A8000 - Solo Mid
Voyboy - Solo Top
Ehome Max - Solo Mid/Top

Note: Many of them play multiple roles (in solo queue) and thus the numbers add up to more than 27. Also, you'll also notice that I placed Xpecial (TSM's support) as a mid solo. The reason for this is that in solo queue, his main role of choice is mid solo.

In total:

AD Carry: 12 
AP Mid: 12
Jungle: 2
Top Solo:7
Support: 1

As you can see from the results, AD Carry and AP Mid seem to be the roles that dictate the majority of whether a team wins or loses in high elo. Meanwhile, it's also worth noting that it's still possible to get to the top 25 if you're maining Jungle or Support. It just means you'll have to be even better than usual if you want to make enough of a difference to reach the top charts.

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  1. Xpecial is playing like a support not as ap mid i guess


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