Jan 28, 2012

Fun With Maokai


Hey guys, I'm still trying to work on the presentation of videos since I'm still a Fraps noob, but here are some clips of my most recent Maokai game that I thought were pretty awesome that I'd like to share with you guys :)

For those of you that play Maokai often, this video won't be all that interesting to you, since you're probably familiar with the abilities of the hero. But this being my 3rd time playing Maokai, I thought it was pretty awesome what he's capable of.

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  1. Damn. Your Maokai is nasty. How did you know they were coming around to take blue?

  2. I had the river warded and idk it was weird that Ezreal tried to snipe me lol

  3. LoL those Nidalee spears raped Leblanc so hard...

  4. yo that leblanc was like plz hit me with spears

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