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Jan 28, 2012

I Lied, Supports Can Win Games

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Earlier on in the weak I lamented on Twitter:
"Bad supports lose games, but good supports don't win games." 
I'm still pretty convinced that's true, but it's really moments like the one in the video I uploaded above that make me love playing support.

This post might be a bit of a pat on the back, but essentially here's here's a list of things that went awesomely right in this clip:

1. Warded river near baron so we saw 3 of them engaging.
2. Pink warded Blue bush just in case Twitch was near.
3. Found and silenced Twitch before he could use his ultimate
4. Threw heal + armor buff on Gangplank's target (Kennen)
5. Warded Baron hill to give sight on enemy team
6. Blocked Corki ultimate just in case he timed it right.
7. Silenced Corki just in case he decided he wanted to be a hero and steal Baron.

This game was recorded at exactly 1500 ELO, and I was the second lowest in the game.

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